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Mr Green Debuts Predictive Tool to Encourage Responsible Gambling

Earlier today, 11th September, the renown supplier of online gambling solutions Mr Green announced the debut of its advanced Green Gaming predictive tool. The unique product allows operators to analyze their customers’ gambling behavior and address the players, who are in danger of gambling problems. Moreover, the innovative tool will also provide the players themselves with a better vision on their gambling habits, offering them with an in-depth sight on their hazardous behavior.

Mere hours ago, the leader in iGaming solutions Mr Green officially announced that the predictive tool is ready to debut on the gaming scene and prevent risky players from running into deep gambling troubles and debts. The new tool is implemented into Mr Green’s gaming platform as part of its responsible gambling code. Speaking of the launch of the new tool, Per Norman, CEO of Mr Green & Co. explained that the company’s main goal is to provide one safe and player-friendly gaming experience.

More Details about the Predictive Tool

Mr Green’s predictive tool will track individual players’ gambling behavior and warn the players, who are vulnerable to gambling addiction. Providing that a player’s behavior is detected as risky, the user will be required to set other stricter limits for their playing or to stop playing at all for some time. As part of Mr Green’s strategy to protect its players, the company announced that it will stop targeting vulnerable customers with advertising messages. Currently, the tool is reported to have a casino-adjusted model, but the company promised that it will soon launch a predictive tool, which will be specially designed for Mr green’s sportsbook platform.

The unique tool is a joint venture between 3 companies, including Mr Green Sustainable Interaction and Sebastian Gassner. All the partners involved in the project are placing efforts to provide entertaining gambling environment, free of any dangers. Sustainable Interaction is a Swedish-listed digital company developer, focusing on responsible gambling products. Sebastian Gassner, on the other hand, is a leading expert in developing responsible gambling tools.

It became clear that the first to implement the predictive tool will be the United Kingdom, but it was explained that the company is to launch the product in other international markets in the coming months by the end of the year. Per Norman added that the predictive tool will enable operators to better understand their players’ personal needs and help them overcome their problems.

The launch of the unique predictive tool aims to weed out the mean strategy of targeting vulnerable players. The main idea of gambling is to be an enjoyable pastime rather than the reason for financial troubles. Hence, the responsible gambling code should be the primary concern of operators around the globe. Mr Green and its partners seem to fully understand the importance of that concept and work on its improvement.