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World-Changing Power of Poker and Gambling

Gambling is among the most preferred pastimes nowadays. At first, it was referred to as a men’s activity, but now it seems that women enjoy it no less than men. Speaking of gambling, the first thing, which most of the people will think of is a game of poker. It has become the emblem of gambling, as its popularity is increasing with every single day. Believe it or not, gambling, casinos, and poker considerably changed the world. The following article discusses some of the most amazing ways, in which gambling changed people’s lives, without most probably realizing it.

Play Poker to Enrich Your Language Skills

There are many examples, in which gambling changed the meaning of a particular word. If you ask poker fans what is the meaning of the word “river”, you may notice the confusion in their eyes. Part of them will give you its most well-known meaning – a natural spring of water. The rest will explain that this is the last card dealt in a game of poker. That is funny enough, but the two different group of people will give right answers.

Hearing for the first time the word “river” in a poker game may make no sense at all, as there is no connection between the first meaning of the word and its meaning in a poker game. For those wondering, the term originates from the times, in which poker was played on riverboats in the USA. Some players tried to play it smart and cheat by hiding an extra card in the sleeve. In case the deceitful player was discovered, he was thrown into the river.

The Origin of King’s Ransom Game

King’s Ransom game is a well-known board game, which is played by 2 players. The game is based on chess, and every player aims to snatch the opponent’s King and ransom him for control over the kingdom. In fact, the game originates from Henry VIII, who was recognized as one of the most fervent gamblers in England. He was placing bets on various sports events, but eventually his losses totaled the amount of £3,250. This did not stop the king to continue enjoying his gambling habits, going beyond any limits. He even lost the Jesus bells of the old St. Paul Church.

The Great Wall of China Involved in Gambling Deeds

There is not even a single person on the Earth, who has not heard of the Great Wall of China at least once. A well-known fact about it is that the Great Wall is visible from the space. That will barely surprise anyone, but have you ever wondered who paid for the construction of such a massive wall? Well, here is the surprise – the money was won from Keno – currently a well-known game, which was invented in China. This fact may also change the mind of all the people, who think that nothing good came out of gambling.

Poker’s Vestige in Political Life

Poker seems to be one of the most played game, offering massive cash prizes to its winners. If you think that the political life of a country has nothing to do with gambling, you might be on the wrong track. The former U.S. President Richard Nixon is the proof of this. He funded one of his electoral campaigns with money, which he won by playing poker against his Navy colleagues. It emerged on the surface that the former U.S. President spent $6,000 to fund his campaign and enter the country’s political life. So, God Bless Poker!