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Delasport to Implement Beehive Customized Marketing Solutions

The iGaming marketing optimization specialist Beehive announced that it has penned a B2B (business to business) deal with the sportsbook Delasport, under which the Delasport-owned gaming website is granted a full access to Beehive marketing platform. The partnership will see Delasport bolstering its positions on the highly-competitive market by installing Beehive’s marketing solutions in its website.

Beehive’s successfully delivered its marketing solutions to a great number of leading online gambling brands. The move comes as part of Delasport’s strategy to introduce an omnichannel marketing campaign, which is targeting the customers according to their personal demands and preferences.

Through Beehive’s platform, Delasports will be able to analyze its customers’ “online behavior” and approach them in an individual and customized manner to meet players’ needs. This is expected to attract the attention of more players and boost the sportsbook’s conversion and retention rate. What is more is that Beehive’s marketing optimization tools will provide Delasports customers with unique marketing messages, matching their needs.

Speaking of the deal, the Founder and Chief Executive of Beehive, Adi Dagan said that the partnership gives the company a good chance to grow its footprint in various important markets around the globe. Dagan added that the gambling industry is getting more competitive with every passing day and it is of vital importance for the operators to bolster their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The Importance of Being Unique

The time in which the only way for the customers to engage in gambling activities was to visit land-based casinos, is long gone. With the advent of technologies, more operators entered the online gambling market, offering digital and convenient experience to their customers. Consequently, at a certain moment, the iGaming market has become over-saturated and the struggle to attract and retain players is fierce.

To set their business apart from the competition, many operators started to adopt a customized approach, responding to the various needs of the individual players. Currently, a number of market specialists even consider that the provision of customized gambling options has the potential to revive the stagnant online gambling market.

The joint venture between the two companies will solidify their presence on the iGaming market and bolster their performance. Beehive’s unique customer-oriented marketing tools help operators to classify players according to their preferences and offer them befitting gambling options. So far, Beehive has sealed successful deals with many leading companies, including the giants Microgame, Playtech, and others. This, on the other hand, perfectly fits Beehive’s expansion strategy.