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Pechanga Resort and Casino Embraces Scientific Games’ iVIEW4 Technology

Earlier today, 7th September, the US-based supplier of gaming technologies for land-based casinos Scientific Games reported that it has signed a new contract, under which it will supply Pechanga Resort and Casino with 4,200 new iVIEW4. The innovative technology is to be enabled on all slot machines owned by the casino resort, seeking to improve and customize its gaming environment.

Scientific Games announced today that its award-winning iVIEW4 technology has been deployed by the Californian Pechanga Resort and Casino. The two companies sealed a deal, under which the company-supplier is allowed to install the technology inside all of the casino’s slot machines. In that way, the casino aims to devise a new business strategy in a way that will approach the players’ unique needs and personal demands.

About iVIEW4 Technology

Through iVIEW4 technology, the operator is to provide interactive and interesting customized gaming content for the players of non-card games. Moreover, HTML5 graphics run more than smoothly on the iVIEW4-supplied devices. Apart from that, the Scientific Games’ technology utilizes a special web gadget, which allows the casino support teams to easily update the gaming content on the slot machines and introduce new bonuses, promotions, videos and etc. It was reported that the technology offers immediate response via a touch screen.

Customized Land-Based Gaming Experience

The move comes as part of the casino’s strategy to boost its multichannel marketing campaign, customizing its gaming options to match the needs of the players. It is interesting to note that a great number of land-based casinos started to look for ways to offer personalized gambling options and some industry-involved specialists even believe that this might be the new tendency.

This is not a surprise having in mind the advent of the technologies. Nowadays, gambling is accessible even at a click of the mouse, offering digital experience to the players. What is more is that the Internet gambling utilizes special technologies, which analyze customers preferences by tracking their “online behavior”.

By installing iVIEW4 technology, Pechanga Resort and Casino is to provide a better experience to its players, while at the same time being able to quickly respond to the customers’ personal needs. The innovative upgradable technology is expected to stimulate the appetite of more casino operators, aiming to retain their players. Currently, Scientific Games is announced to install the iVIEW4 technology on 4,200 slot machines, placed in the Pechanga Resort and Casino floor, which is spread over 200,000 square feet.