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Most Scandalous Poker Players

At first sight poker seems to be a friendly and entertaining game, but what lies beneath the surface might appear to be not that appealing. Being one of the most well-known games around the world, more and more people around the globe started to play it. Nowadays, poker conquered the world, entering both land-based casinos as well as the virtual world. The tendency inspired many operators to organize poker tournaments, welcoming fans of the game from every country.

As a matter of fact, poker acquired such a great popularity due to the perspective of earning easy and life-changing amounts of money. But where money is involved, the game might become tougher, with players using various ways to pocket the top prize, including psychological games, pressuring the opponent. This, on the other hand, won the unfavorable reputation of some players, stigmatizing them as the most hated poker players of all time.

The article is to discuss who are the players and what exactly won them this disgraceful reputation. Of course, it should be mentioned that poker fans have different preferences and it is one-sided to refer to the following players as the most hated. The word most controversial or scandalous might be a more proper description for them.

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold has become a popular name among the poker enthusiasts, after he managed to seal a victory in the 2006 World Series of Poker Main event for $12 million, defeating a packed field of 8,667 entrants. For this triumph, the player pocketed the massive cash of $12 million, which is one of the biggest payouts for a single tournament.

So far, everything points out that Mr. Gold is among the most successful poker players. But it seems that Mr. Gold managed to win some enemies while climbing the ladder of success. But since the big prize in 2006, Mr. Gold is unable to be even close to such a big triumph. This sounds a bit suspicious, having in mind that he managed to take down such an overcrowded field. What is more is that once in a while Mr. Gold seems to be overwhelmed by the game, expressing his emotions by use of some not that decent words.

Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that Mr. Gold has his good personal features, as he founded the Jamie Gold Charity Foundation, raising money for people suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. What is more is that he himself donates big portions of his poker winnings to his organization.

Phil Hellmuth

Another trouble maker at the poker tables is Phil Hellmuth. Mr. Hellmuth scooped 11 WSOP-branded bracelets, but still, this did not arrange him among the list of the most favored poker players, but even the opposite. It should be admitted that he is a good and experienced player, but despite all his triumphs and being an Ultimate Bet ambassador, he could not deserve the title “best No-Limit Hold’em player in the world” as he claimed to be.

The player’s name was linked to many poker scandals due to his misbehavior at the poker tables. The most recent case is when the player managed to rake a cash prize of $5 000 even though he was holding one of the worst hands in the game.

Tony G

For most of the poker fans, the name Antanas Guoga may not ring a bell, as the player is more famous with his nickname Tony G. This name, on the other hand, invokes a great variety of emotions among the poker fans. The player won his controversial reputation as he likes to make fun of his poker opponents. But Tony G seems to be the most hated player by the Russians from the times when he used to play in card clubs in Moscow. One of his biggest confrontation is with the Russian poker player Ralph Perry, when Tony G went beyond any limits verbally. This resulted in the player’s restriction from entering Russia.

But every coin has two sides, as it is the case with Tony G. It should be admitted that the player demonstrates perfect skills on the poker tables. Moreover, he is known to have launched some poker-dedicated sites. It is also interesting to note that the player is involved in the political life, being elected to the European Parliament.