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EiG 2017 Launchpad Competition Welcomes Gaming Start-Ups to Submit

The competition to participate in the 2017 EiG Start-Up Launchpad has already started after the 2 partners Clarion Events and GamCrowd announced that the submission process is now under way, being open until 22nd September.

The organizers of the event announced that the business owners, who are interested in the Launchpad competition are already able to submit their applications. The submission deadline was determined to be 22nd September. Once the deadline is reached, a Selection Committee will cut the list to only 4 to maximum 6 companies. The winners will have the opportunity to introduce their companies in front of a board of investors.

The interested parties should meet certain requirements, as this competition targets newly-established companies, which are just rising on the market. The companies should be aware of the fact that they need to introduce some product in front of the investors, which have the potential to technologically revolutionize the gaming industry. It was pointed out that companies, with ready products will have the advantage above the ones, which have only the idea of a product.

Those, who are interested to participate in the submission process may do so by filling the special online form, which is available on the official website of EiG. EiG Launchpad has been firstly introduced in 2008 and since then it seems that it draws the interest of many business owners. That is not a surprise, having in mind the great perspective, which the competition provides to the winners.

The organizers also pointed out that 30 start-up companies submitted their applications in 2016. Based on this statistic, the upcoming event is expected to attract even more entries. Currently, Launchpad has helped many companies to deploy their true potential and establish a solid reputation on the market.

Following the success of the previous year, the EiG Expo is to take place once again at the Arena Berlin from 30th October to 1st November, when the winners will have the opportunity to showcase their products in front of leading industry-involved companies.

EiG is recognized as one of the most important gaming industry events, as it gathers together representatives from all layers of the gaming industry in order to share knowledge and experience. Moreover, EiG developed a remarkable open-source platform to enhance networking and interaction for the entire iGaming community.

EiG start-up Launchpad offers one great opportunity, which is in the interest of fresh companies, as well as the gaming industry itself. Introducing their innovative products, companies will have the chance to find their sponsors, while actively participating in the industry’s evolution.