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Arsenii Karmatckii Claims Gold in 2017 partypoker Live German Poker Championship Main Event

The Russian poker player Arsenii Karmatckii is the latest to engrave his name in the partypoker’s list of champions, sealing victory in the yearly Live German Poker Championship Main Event, bagging the first prize of €185,000.

The live event organized by the reputable cardroom partypoker took place at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov. Many people entered the poker field in an attempt to scoop a bigger slice of the pie, but it was Arsenii Karmatckii, who stroke it the biggest. The player seems to be just at the beginning of his poker career, as he plays poker from around 5 years. Arsenii Karmatckii collected €185,000 for his triumph, which is said to be his current biggest cash prize from a poker event.

The player qualified for the event online and now he is steaming ahead to Sochi, where his fans can watch their favorite player in action, as he Karmatckii is to participate in the partypoker MILLIONS Russia festival.

Only 14 players managed to survive to the final day of the game, which started on 14th August. Many prominent players appeared on the tables, but one by one they left the poker battle. Some of them managed to boost their bank accounts with a cash profit, while others left home empty-handed.

The heads-up match unfolded with Karmatckii holding a significant chip advantage over his opponent Albert Skobelev, who is also a Russian-based poker player. In fact, the two-handed duel did not last for long, and more precisely only one hand. The two players agreed to strike a heads-up deal, under which the winner of the heads-up duel will bring the trophy home and pocket some more cash.

At the time when the final hand was played, Karmatckii was holding [9h][6d] against Skobelev’s [10h][5h]. The dealer flopped [Ah][9c][8h] on the table, followed by two more aces on the turn and the river. Hence, Karmatckii managed to strike a full house of aces over nines only to secure the victory. Skobelev’s runner-up finish boosted his bankroll with €135,000.

Speaking of the game, it was the three-handed game, which appeared to be the most exhausting for the opponents as it continued for quite a long time. Dominik Desset appeared to be a tough opponent, who does not give up easily. Eventually, Karmatckii managed to defeat Desset, who finished in 3rd place, securing a payout of €83,500.

The Main Event champion told the interviewers that it was not only skills but also luck, which helped him to conquer the trophy. He admitted that the three-handed action was more challenging for him than the heads-up battle.

The crown winner seems to be determinate to continue enriching his collection of poker trophies, as his next stop is the poker festival in Sochi, Russia. All poker fans are excited to see if Karmatckii will manage to take down the partypoker MILLIONS Russia festival with the same ease as he did in partypoker Live German Poker Championship Main Event.