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John Langevin Scoops Title in 2017 CPPT Scarlet Pearl Main Event

The 30-year old player John Langevin managed to move from the position of a poker dealer to champion in 2017 CPPT Scarlet Pearl Main Event, bagging a cash prize worth $22,993 after striking a split-pot deal.

The Florida-based poker player John Langevin managed to best a field of 537 poker enthusiasts in the first of its kind CPPT event, which took place on the Gulf Coast. The event featured a buy-in of $360, which rocketed the prize pool to the massive amount of $100,000.

The official final day of the tournament started with flying colors and 133 hopefuls, who wanted to give a shot in the poker competition. Following the course of the game, the number of players was narrowed to only 9, which gave the start of the nine-handed final table action. It was Matt Sirchia, who was holding a significant chip advantage over the rest of the players. The eventual champion Langevin appeared to be just behind the chip leader at that time, holding the second biggest stack of chips.

At some point, the chip leader started to lose grounds under his feet, when Langevin eliminated Easton Oreman and went on a hot streak, scooping a big pot against Sirchia. Sirchia, on the other hand, appeared to be a tough player, who did not step back from the leadership that easy. He sent back home Edward Hord in 7th place with $4,801, followed by Paul Hebert in 5th place, who raked $7,601.

The three-handed action started with Langevin being the chip leader. He managed to snatch the dominance from right under Sirchia’s nose, defeating Hai Nguyen in 4th position, who boosted his bankroll with $10,402 for his deep run in the event.

The players, who entered the three-handed battle were Dustin Stewart, Matthew Sirchia and John Langevin. The three survivors decided to discuss a deal after counting their stack of chips, which eventually appeared to be not that different.

Thus, the players agreed to split the remaining prize money into equal portions, securing $22,993 to each of them. At that time, it was John Langevin, who was the chip leader, followed by Matt Sirchia in 2nd position and Dustin Stewart in 3rd position. Even though all the three players scooped equal cash prize, the title was secured for Langevin, who had the dominant position at the time of the deal.

In a post-victory interview with Cardplayer, Langevin dedicated his victory to his mother, expressing his excitement from the achievement. The champion shared that he would have won the event even without the deal, but he added that the three of them were close in chips and he is quite satisfied with his payday.