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eSportsPools Wins First Ever Virtual Goods Gambling License

eSports betting and fantasy league website eSportsPools ( reported that the operator managed to receive the world’s first ever license for virtual goods gambling, which is to further expand the online operator’s reputation and establish it as a pioneering brand on the market.

Currently, the betting online brand is holding a license issued by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC), a reputable statutory board, regulating the gambling industry in the area. The license awarded to eSportsPools is the first to be issued by the GSC after the gambling watchdog amended the gaming regulations, allowing the so-called skin betting or virtual goods gambling. It is a genre of gaming products, which seems to be most favored within sports gambling community.

The online operator announced that the website will run the new gaming options on its eSportsPools main domain, without any entry fees and charges. Thus, players can “trade” with both virtual currency and “in-game” items, which can be used to gamble with or exchange for real money.

Specialists explained that the new license and innovative products will serve as a trampoline for the company’s reputation. The operator will manage to stay on top of its users’ needs by offering them one interesting and exciting gaming environment. It is worth to mention that is a forward-thinking operator, as it became the first betting website to introduce eSports fantasy leagues.

The unique license gives one more advantage to the eSports betting website and that is to utilize Bitcoin digital currency. All the digital currency transactions will be processed via the trustworthy, which will be fully integrated into the betting website.

CEO Scott Burton shed light on the importance of holding such a license, explaining that it will create a safe and secure gaming environment, where players can enjoy the various gaming options, without worrying about any possible frauds.

eSports betting and virtual goods gambling have been outlawed for many years, which gave a great boost to the development of the grey market. Therefore, to weed out the unscrupulous operators and protect the players’ interest, the market should be adequately regulated, but not restricted. Mr. Burton also highlighted that the regulation will curb the gambling problems, as the players will be required to verify their age.

The awarded license is a watershed in the development of a regulated market for gambling with virtual currencies and ‘in-game’ items. Moreover, it will further expand the website’s reputation, providing players with a secure and reliable gaming experience. With the never-ending technological evolution, online casino operators need to constantly update their information and upgrade the gaming options, which they offer.