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Top 5 Canadian Filthy Rich Poker Players

Gambling started to increase its popularity and currently, it is one of the most wide-spread activities around the globe, including in Canada. Historically, the gaming industry in Canada went through many changes. At first, the laws in the country were very strict in terms of gambling, as only certain forms of gambling were allowed. Over the years, the country became more liberal to the casino industry and gave permission to its various provinces to license and regulate the market.

With the regulation of the gaming industry, people started to enjoy the excitement of playing poker. That is not a surprise as the game offers thrilling gaming environment, buy-ins, which can fit players’ bankrolls, and the most important – lucrative cash prizes. Enticed by the perspective to boost their bank accounts, many people started to master their skills in poker. In recent years, Canada appears to be the birth place of many prominent poker players.

Even though money is not the most important, no poker player has ever complained to pocket some bucks. Having a brief look at the poker bankrolls of some Canadian players, it is impossible to overlook the fact that some are just filthy rich. Below are the names of the 5 Canadian poker players, whose bankrolls reached a sky-high level. Note that the players are ranked in an ascending order.

Michael Watson

Michael Watson ‘SirWatts’ takes the fifth position in the list, having $10,096,440 in his bank account only from playing poker. Watson has a rich online poker career. In July 2008, the poker heavyweight managed to conquer World Poker Tour’s title, which added to his total poker winnings $1,673,770. That is only a small drop in the ocean of Watson’s achievements. Hence, it is not a surprise that the player’s name appears always in a leading position on the Global poker index, a leaderboard index that ranks live tournament poker players.

Sorel Mizzi

The professional poker player Sorel Mizzi is known to his opponents under the nickname “Imper1um” and “Zangbezan24”. Mizzi plays both online and live poker tournaments. Therefore, it is not a surprise that his poker bankroll totalled the magnificent amount of $11,881,667. Named 2010 BLUFF Player of the Year, the fearsome player keeps on steaming ahead in his poker career, winning the hearts of more and more fans around the globe.

Michael McDonald

Despite his early age (only 27 up to date), McDonald managed to grab the bronze medal in the list of the 5 richest Canadian poker players, ranking in 3rd position. Counting his poker earnings, the accomplished player seems to have the jealous worthy amount of $13,282,728. Besides the solid cash, McDonald is recognized as the youngest poker player, who sealed victory in both the European Poker Tour (EPT) and the Epic Poker League (EPL).

Jonathan Duhamel

Duhamel’s fame is limitless in Canada as he became the first Canadian poker player, who managed to bring home a WSOP Main Event piece of gold in 2010. Besides the trophy, Duhamel pocketed $8.9 million for his 1st place. The poker player is doing more than well for a former student, who decided to stop studying after the second year and devoted his time to master poker skills. The player’s bankroll is as thick as $17,772,515 and it seems that his career has just begun.

Daniel Negreanu

The name of Daniel Negreanu makes his opponents tremble with fear. The poker guru is breaking the bank at every casino. Please be advised unless you have a strong heart do not check Negreanu’s poker winnings as these may cause rapid breathing and pleasurable excitement, as the player added to his bank account the solid amount of $34,093,589 only from poker. Currently, Negreanu is all-time money winner and he seems to be just bound to the 1st position, having no intention to leave it. It is hard to enumerate all of his poker achievements, as it may take years, but it should be admitted that the Canadian poker player is one of the most prosperous players, not only in Canada, but also worldwide.