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GameCo Joins Forces with Grammy-Nominated DJ Steve Aoki

The pioneer of the skill-based video game gambling machines (VGMs) GameCo officially announced that the company enters a partnership with the popular American-based house musician and DJ Steve Aoki, aiming to develop an innovative and interesting skill-based video game gambling machine, which is to draw back millennials’ attention and attract a new generation of players.

GameCo signed a deal with the famous American DJ and musician Steve Aoki, under which GameCo is patented to utilize Aoki’s figure in order to develop a unique skill-based video game gambling machine, named after the musician – “Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream”. The company announced that the new product will be released by the end of this summer, when it is to enter the land-based casinos.

It was revealed that the project is to feature sound tracks from Aoki’s 2014 Neon Future album, a compilation of house and electronic music. The company-developer promised a perfect quality of the sound and unmatched excitement, as the players will be able to enjoy a first-person gaming experience. The players will experience a never-ending flight over an endless track, surrounded by a world of colorful pictures, “hunting” for coins.

Aoki himself commented that the gaming product definitely deserves the name “neon”, as it is to incorporate vivid pictures. He added that the skill-based video game gambling machine is to be of an entirely new generation, aiming to revolutionize the selection of games in the casinos. Besides being a successful musician, Aoki is also a gaming enthusiast, as he is a shareholder in an eSports organization named Rogue. He recently released his fourth studio album on the market called “Kolony”. It turned into a total hit in America.

The conjoint work between the company and the musician is also a good opportunity for GameCo to introduce something unique on the market. The company deserved and backed up its reputation as the leading developer of skill-based video game gambling machines. Currently, the company have released a whole arsenal of gaming titles.

GameCo’s gaming products are well-known among the players with their crispy pictures and graphics, interesting themes and topics. Now, the popular musician Steve Aoki inspired the company’s latest product, which is soon to be released on the market. The fans of the DJ are more than excited by the upcoming gaming product.

With the advent of technologies, casino operators need to make sure that they stand on top of the latest trends and offer diverse and interesting gaming experience. To introduce new gambling options is of vital importance for the further development of the casino industry, as these will keep the interest of millennials and will attract the new generation of players.