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Kambi Group PLC’s Spotsbook to Enter Bulgaria’s National Lottery AD Betting Platform

The sports betting services provider Kambi Group agreed on a partnership with Bulgaria’s most popular gambling operator National Lottery, signing a long-term deal under which Kambi Group PLC is to enrich the National Lottery-owned brand with its sports betting products and technologies. is said to be the milestone in Bulgaria’s gambling industry. This is not a surprise, having in mind that the online operator is owned by the National Lottery, which is the biggest gambling operator in the country.

National Lottery holds a license issued by Bulgaria’s State Commission on Gambling, which is the country’s regulatory body. That is the reason why it is the most well-spread and trusted brand, which has a vast customer base, estimated to be more than two million.

Aiming to meet the growing needs and demands of its customers, the National Lottery’s brand enriched its catalogue with sports betting services last year. In an attempt to further expand its betting offers and establish itself as the premier licensed gambling operator in Bulgaria, the National Lottery announced that it stroke a Sportsbook deal with Kambi Group PLC.

Under the signed agreement, Kambi is to provide its sports betting products to By entering this partnership, the National Lottery is placing hopes that its brand will become the country’s leading sports betting operator.

Kristian Nylén, CEO of Kambi explained that the two companies share common goals. Moreover, it should be also noted that the agreement responds perfectly to the company’s strategy to collaborate with leading gambling companies, which operate under the jurisdiction of countries with a regulated market.

It was reported that the brand is expected to be fully ready to implement Kambi’s award-winning Sportsbook by the end of the year. Currently, the brand offers a variety of gambling options, but Kambi’s betting products will additionally improve the gaming atmosphere, which the Bulgarian brand offers to its clientele.

Milen Ganev, Marketing Director of National Lottery AD explained that the company’s main purpose is to provide its end customers with a safe and entertaining gaming environment. Thus, the partnership seems to match also National Lottery’s goals.

It is not a surprise that the two companies decided to enter this joint venture, having in mind the reputable background of the two. By shaking hands on the Sportsbook deal, the companies will work hand-in-glove to successfully reach their goals and back up their reputation. The award-winning product, which is to enter’s portfolio will give a strong boost to the country’s sports betting industry, opening new perspectives for its further development.