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Poker’s Most Massive Wins for 2017

Poker is a game that draws the attention of people from time immemorial. That is absolutely reasonable, having in mind that it offers entertainment and joy to the ones, who choose to play it. But besides all the other facts, what is more important for poker is that it offers life-changing cash prizes. Of course, the biggest winner is not always the one, who pockets the most. But one thing is for sure – not even a single player would mind to strike it big.

Being one of the most popular game, it is not a surprise that there are poker tournaments weekly and even daily. These usually offer lots of glory to the winner. Below are the 5 biggest winners for 2017 arranged in an ascending order, who managed to triumph in different poker events up to now.

Daniel Ott

Undoubtedly, poker fans would think of 2017 WSOP Main Event when they hear the name of Daniel Ott. The poker player from the United States managed to enter a heads-up battle in one of the most well-known poker events, but unfortunately he could not manage to capture the title. Even though he finished in 2nd place, it should be admitted that this is a real achievement for Ott as he is not into live tournaments.

Ott’s runner-up position boosted his bank account to $4,703,656, which also awards him the 5th position in the list of the biggest wins for the year. It should be noted that the player took a shot only in 3 poker competitions for this year, including the WSOP Main Event.

Jake Schindler

Even though Jake Schindler is only 28 years old, this is not a setback for the player in his proliferating poker career. Only a look at his poker earnings for this year can prove this. His net cash only from this year is worth $4,775,610. The seven-figure prize, though, is not raked from one poker tournament. Schindler appeared on the poker tables more than once for this year, but his most massive cash is from 2017 Super High Roller Bowl, when he finished at the 2nd position. His deep-run in the event boosted his bankroll with $3,600,000.

Bryn Kenney

The bronze medal goes to Bryn Kenney from the United States. It seems that 2017 is the player’s lucky year as he managed to rake $5,251,955 from poker tournaments. But it is a matter of fact that the player worked hard, or better to say played hard, to achieve this success. Most of his cash prizes came from PokerStars events and his biggest cash prize is $1,946,911 for his 1st position in PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino, Monte Carlo.

Christoph Vogelsang

Among the poker heavyweights with the most solid earnings for this year is Christoph Vogelsang, who managed to take the prestigious second position in the list. The German poker player added a massive chunk to his poker bankroll after winning $6,000,000 in 2017 Super High Roller Bowl. The successful high stakes player also appeared in other poker competitions, so that his total poker bankroll is worth $6,720,715.

Scott Blumstein

The gold goes to Scott Blumstein from America, who was crowned the champion in 2017 WSOP Main Event. The player pocketed $8.15 million, which is his biggest poker cash prize for this year, as well as in his poker career. He entered a heads-up poker duel against Daniel Ott, which rocketed Blumstein at the 1st position not only in the poker event, but he is also the leader in the list of poker’s most massive wins for 2017.

The champion also played in other poker tournaments this year, which paid him only small amounts (the biggest of which is $7,961). Blumstein’s poker bankroll for 2017 is estimated to be $8,162,001 in total.