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Digital Sports Tech-Developed Quick Pick Accumulator Makes Sports Betting Market Debut

With the coming of the new football season, Digital Sports Tech (DST) introduced its innovative Quick Pick Accumulators (QPA) product, which provides players with faster, diverse and flexible betting opportunities.

Digital Sports Tech is a forward-thinking online sportsbook platform, which offers next-generation sports betting solutions. The award-winning provider introduced its latest product Quick Pick Accumulators.

It is based on the so-called “Request-A-Bet” method, which allows the players to decide on what exactly do they want to place a bet in a particular match. This means that the players can bet on the number of goals, corners, cards and much more and combine all the bets into a personalized accumulator.

The “Request-A-Bet” product replaces the conventional betting options with fresh and interesting opportunities. The players can place bets on literally everything in a given sports event.

To be more accurate, “Request-A-Bet” product was firstly released on the market some time ago and the sportsbook operators are already familiar with it. But what is exceptional with the QPAs is the technology, which allows instant and accurate estimation of the bets and the odds.

The newly-released Quick Pick Accumulators product is enabled by an advanced technology, which saves time from manually calculating the bet price. The special technology will instantly price the QPAs, so that the users can place their bets immediately, without waiting for the bookie to analyze and calculate the odds.

In an interview Ari Lewski, executive director of Digital Sports Ltd, explained that the new product already stimulated the interest of many sportsbook operators, who expressed their eagerness to include it in their catalogues. The release of the product coincides in time with the new football season.

The QPAs are said to increase the interest of the sports fans, attracting more people to place bets on their favorite match. Hence, the operators will be able to boost their total turnover and contribute to the growth of the sports betting industry.

Moreover, it was the previous year, when the provider launched Player Props product, which allows the users to create their own special bet on a player’s performance.

The sportsbook platform is said to cover a great range of different sports events, so that enthusiasts will be able to find the best match to their preferences. Digital Sports Tech provides universal sports betting options, which seems to be successfully and easily integrated on the market.