Industry Reports Introduces Unique Sports Betting P2P Platform to Allow Players Become Their Own Bookies

A sports betting platform of an entirely new generation appears in catalogue of offers, giving more freedom to players to craft their own gaming environment and set their own odds, skipping the need of a bookie to arrange the bet.

It was announced that launches exclusive P2P sports betting platform that allows people to create their own bets. The players will be able to constantly check the results in real time, so that they will have an up-to-date overview on what is going on with their bets. The platform will also allow the players to create their own group of people and to play with or against them. In that way, the players will have a better communication channel and it might be even more entertaining for them to allow other people bet them, instead of the bookmaker.

By betting each other, the players do not need to play against a house (represented by a bookmaker) as they will be the house themselves. Hence, the players are said to have the opportunity to establish their own gaming environment, which fits them best. The new method is believed to provide much more entertainment to the sports enthusiasts.

Moreover, this P2P platform will connect people in one common network, aiming to actively include the players in tailoring their own unique gaming experience.

The cherry on top is the great variety of sports events, on which the players will be able to place their bets. With more than 25,000 events under its sleeve, is said to have the capacity to match the preferences of every player. The players can see what is going on with their bets any time only with a click of the mouse.

The social networking-based online betting person to person (P2P) platform allows players to place bets whenever and wherever they want. can be easily accessed by any modern Internet-enabled portable device, so that the players have the convenience to play even on the go.

The innovative P2P betting platform is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – an independent regulatory body, responsible for both brick-and-mortar and online gaming operations. Hence, the players can be sure that their information, as well as their money is protected and any chances of fraud are eliminated.

The whole idea behind the P2P platform is to assign the functions of the bookies to the players , so that they can decide the odds and the money, which they would like to risk. By crafting their own gaming environment, the sports betting industry is said to mark a significant step forward in its development, attracting more sports enthusiasts to try their luck on their favorite sports events.