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Florida Man on Bail Claims $100,000 at WSOP Main Event

Paul Senat, a 37-year-old man from Florida had the good fortune to win more than $100,000 at the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. Something which should be taken into account is the fact that Senat was free on bail on a manslaughter charge.

His accomplishment placed him in the 70th position at the leaderboard of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas before he was eliminated by one of his tablemates. He managed to win $100,444 in this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event playing against some of the most famous poker pros in the world of cards. The Main Event itself is a championship of global scale and he demonstrated impressive abilities on the poker tables.

Senat’s name is not one of the well-known ones at the championship, in fact, he was just one of the many new faces at the championship, but he is more than notorious in Palm Beach County, Florida. Senat is based there and he is an investor in a nightclub which opens to the public every night. As an addition to his description, he was accused of killing a man inside the said nightclub on the night of the 21st of April.

Florida officials have charged him with the shooting of the 55-year-old Darryl Rudolph, who worked as a handyman in the club. He was also the father of Travis Rudolph, football player studying at the Florida State University. The fatal accident took place inside of Sugar Daddy’s Adult Cabaret in West Palm Beach, in the back room, in particular. Rudolph was shot while he was changing an air conditioner filter located in the adjacent office. The deadly weapon in question was an AK-47 assault rifle. Paul Senat pleaded not guilty of Rudolph’s death.

Police officers arrived on site around 9:25p.m. and found there Darryl Rudolph who was bleeding from the neck. He passed away in Palm Beach County hospital on the following day. According to the arrest affidavit, Senat was not aware that there was a person in the adjacent office and fired the AK-47 at the wall. The bullet he triggered went through it and managed to strike Rudolph in the neck.

Senat told the police officers he did not know the gun fired or that there is someone wounded in the next room until he saw the handyman. He had to pay his bail which amounted to $35,000 and he was released from jail on the 26th of April, only a day after he was arrested. He was banned from possessing a firearm and getting in touch with the family of the deceased man.