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Continent 8 Inks New Partnerships in the Philippines

Continent 8 Technologies, the international security service provider, has recently signed several important partnerships aiming to spread its influence to the Philippines. The company aims to offer its cybersecurity services to a wider audience and provide its customers with the vital protection they are looking for.

Online gaming is only one of the sectors which the renowned company assists and the current venture it has commenced is providing companies located in the Philippines with the protection from cyber-attacks. This is one of the most popular services it provides and due to its efficiency, it is crucial to every company with strong online presence. Mitigation services are also an integral part of every well-functioning online structure, so Continent 8 strives to offer this to its new partners as well.

The services Continent 8 is able to provide to its customers are distinguished all around the world and they can benefit a company’s affairs in numerous essential ways. The new partnerships were initiated by the Philippines-based companies themselves, which were on the pursuit of a trustworthy companion and provider of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. Continent 8 prides itself in developing its global private connectivity and offering it to its customers and partners.

The companies interested in working with Continent 8 are IP Converge Data Services Ltd. (IPC, an ePDLT company) and LR Data Center and Solutions, Inc. Both of them have their headquarters located in Makati City, Manila, which makes them partners of big importance, when it comes to strengthening the position of Continent 8 in the Filipino market. The two companies are the perfect complement to Continent 8 since they share similar values and aim to provide the public with innovative solutions and services.

Back in 2016, the company went through a long-awaited network expansion which brought the networks of the company together. The European, North American and Asia Pacific divisions were united for global coverage which further integrated the multi-terabit network. At the moment the company has more than 25 location points on a global level which gives it the chance to efficiently deliver its wide range of services into numerous additional areas.

Strategic partnerships are vital when it comes to exploring a new market and what is even more important is how the two sides will join forces, in order to provide the customer with the best possible end product. In the future plans of Continent 8 is the project of expansion to other regions, with the help of more like-minded partners which will be happy to bring the vast portfolio of the company to their already existing customers. The expert DdoS Mitigation services are in the Philippines to stay.