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New FastPick DFS Platform Introduced by Casino Resorts Atlantic City

Casino Resorts Atlantic City recently started offering a new daily fantasy sports platform to its guests and customers. FastPick is a form of parlay betting on the performance of a player and what is more exciting is the fact that this platform is the first one to team up with a US casino outside of USFantasy.

This Monday saw the launch of a white-label fantasy platform called FastPick. The news about the introducing of the platform began circulating in the gambling industry this spring, but its release became possible just recently. The company behind it is Sport Analytics and Data Corp. and it has been known for years for its strong connections and long-lasting partnership with casinos and gaming venues located in numerous states. Due to its nature, the FastPick platform is available only online, as well as for the residents and guest of New Jersey.

According to information provided by the web page of the platform, the users will be able to fund their accounts via PayPal. In order to register and become one of the members, the procedure is similar to the one a person has to go through in order to sign up at a regulated New Jersey online casino. There was an attempt at a soft launch of the daily fantasy sports platform early last week via the brick-and-mortar casino.

FastPick is an app which offers its users the chance to play against the house and participate in sports betting as well as in daily fantasy sports. There is no option to play against other users, as it is in the platforms of DraftKings and FanDuel. The users have the task to choose up to three player match-ups against other players according to how they think they will perform in actual games in real life.

For the moment, the users can bet on baseball games only, but there are empty slots available for NFL, NBA, NHL, and soccer bets. They will become active when the sports seasons commence. Up to the players is also the amount of money they want to bet on the players. They can choose anything between $10 and $200. In order to win the bet, a user has to win every leg of the parlay, and the maximum amount of money which could be won is $100,000.

As for the predecessor in the app world, USFantasy is currently operating in the states of Nevada and Colorado and is a pari-mutuel fantasy wagering. The company developing it has designed their application in a way which makes it deployable in other states which may provide their citizens with an online daily fantasy sports betting opportunities. It provides the opportunity for sports and horse betting.