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Dominic Matthews Is the New Operations Officer of Sports Information Services

Sports Information Services recently announced the company has hired Dominic Matthews as the new Chief Operations Officer. The industry racing and data provider aims to strengthen its senior management team and the Ladbrokes veteran is the perfect addition to it.

Matthews comes to the team of Sports Information Services after he has spent more than 26 years in the field, occupying a variety of executive positions. Some of his recent ones are Commercial Projects Director and Retail Operations Director. His extensive experience in the field has given him the chance to get to know how things work and he has many valuable connections with like-minded people. This makes him the perfect choice for the newly created position of Chief Operations Officer.

What is expected of him in his position of COO is to deliver the performance of the operational and commercial teams of Sports Information Services. When it comes to making important decisions Matthews will be a key stakeholder, since he will be fully capable of further improving current and future strategies of the company.

His wide variety of skills will help him improve the performance of Sports Information Services and strengthen its position as a main influencer in the field. Matthews will report directly to Richard Ames, Chief Executive. Ames is fairly new on this position as well, since as it could be recalled, he joined the team of Sports Information Services last month. He welcomed the new addition to the team and said that the vast experience in the betting industry Matthews has will inevitably bring myriad of benefits for the company as a whole.

Richard Ames has also spent some time working at Ladbrokes and he can confirm that the level of professionalism Dominic Matthews demonstrates is an important asset which should not be overlooked. This is all part of the company’s agenda to excel in the betting field and elevate its performance and position. Aiming to diversify its already wide range of service Sports Information Services wants to attract new customers, as well as to meet the high expectations of its current ones. The operations of the company are in need of improving, so this is the best way to make this happen.

Sports Information Services is actively making changes in its internal organization and the newly created position of Chief Operations Officer is only one of them. This is part of a whole new approach in the work of the company, which places the customer at the center of its universe and all the actions and decisions revolve around them. Because of this, Paul Witten is repositioned as the new Product Director, which was Richard Ames’ former position in the company.