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Gaming Laboratories International Buys Rival NMi Gaming

Gaming Laboratories International LLC announced it has recently acquired NMi Metrology and Gaming Ltd. According to a press release issued on Wednesday, the gaming testing company specialist and technical consultancy Gaming Laboratories International has bought the company with more than 40 years of experience in the gaming industry.

NMi Gaming has locations in the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Canada. The company provides testing services for the casino, lottery, AWP, VLT, and online gaming sectors. Representatives of Gaming Laboratories International said that the acquired company will continue operating under the same NMi brand name for as long as it is possible.

The total amount of money for the acquisition is not disclosed as for the moment, but the vendor was identified as NMi Certin, BV, and related parties. NMi Certin is the parent company which offers testing, calibration, and verification services for a wide spectrum of industries, among which oil and gas, utilities, and police enforcement.

The customers will win the most in the situation because they are going to receive the same business-oriented approach while also taking advantage of the international influence and presence of Gaming Laboratories International. This move is beneficial for both parties and will grow and enhance the service which NMi Gaming is able to offer to its customers worldwide, according to James Maida, President and Chief Executive of Gaming Laboratories International.

This move comes as no surprise to anyone since in the recent years the gaming testing company has finished numerous company acquisitions of big importance, aiming to diversify the brand. Among the companies bought by the firm are Bulletproof, Kobetron Inc., Gaming Informatics LLC. This inevitably leads to enhancing the business offerings the company is able to provide, as well as increasing the level of customer service which the company is well-known on a global level.

James Maida also added that the acquisition of NMi Gaming has effortlessly created a chain of processes, which are beneficial to the current and future clients of the two companies, and it also provides additional bandwidth for even better customer service available to their customers. Maida said that the acquisition will meet the high expectations of the customers of NMi Gaming.

This will be possible because they will have instant global reach through more than 470 accredited jurisdictions belonging to Gaming Laboratories International. The level of customer service and attention to detail will also be increased thanks to the determined employees of both of the companies. NMi Gaming was founded back in 1989, following the privatization of the Dutch Legal Metrology Service. In the recent years, the company has diversified its brand by entering areas such as iGaming, land-based certification, and auditing.