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Patagonia Entertainment Inks Partnership with Spinomenal

The Latin America oriented Patagonia Entertainment has recently inked an agreement with HTML5 game developer Spinomenal. The gaming platform provider plans on offering a wide spectrum of games with its new HTML5 partners, aiming to meet the expectations of all customers.

At the moment Spinomenal is focused on developing cross-platform cutting edge games and all customers of Patagonia will have the opportunity to test their new productions. The partners plan to develop over 69 HTML5 games, among which Greedy Servants and 8 Lucky Charms, which enjoy big popularity and will be integrated into the platform. This will introduce a breath of fresh air to the company and further develop its potential in Latin America, by giving its customers more options to choose from.

Pedro Baldriz, Patagonia Coordination Manager said that the strong position of Patagonia Entertainment in the continent will most certainly give Spinomenal the opportunity to grow its presence in a new market and attract new customers of the brand. Earlier this year Patagonia has penned a major deal with AutoGameSYS, aiming to deliver its wide variety of Video Bingo content to the Mexican market. The portfolio of Patagonia Entertainment boasts more than 100 titles, as well as featured third-party content from giants such as Ortiz, Zitro, RCT, Zest, MGA, and Champion.

Some of the current partners of Patagonia are MundiFortuna, Betboo, Sportingbet, Betmotion, Cozy Bingo and many more. Most of them have dedicated their efforts to Latin America and the customers there, but their products appeal to people all around the world. Video Bingo is a hybrid between Bingo and Slot of keno games, which has enjoyed popularity in Latin America, Brazil, and Spain for more than 20 years. They are becoming increasingly famous in Europe as well, which only comes to show how diverse they can be.

Patagonia Entertainment is a company dedicated to the development of Video Bingo games, and their products are well-known among bingo enthusiasts as innovative and challenging. They aim to develop creative single player games which can appeal to a wider range of customers, by providing them with a complete platform, a bonus back-office, marketing support, and more than easy integration. Patagonia Entertainment can also design a specific custom bingo game for their clients, which aim to satisfy their customers on a new level.

Patagonia’s new partner Spinomenal was founded in 2014 by Lior Shvartz and Omer Henya and since then the company has developed more than 77 unique slot games, as well as their complete API suit. They aim to distribute cross-platform games for worldwide consumption and develop friendly and appealing interface.