Industry Reports

Rank Group Partnership with Bede Gaming Proves to Be Beneficial

Bede Gaming is one of the main reasons for the recently reported 13% growth of the digital revenue of the Rank Group. Officials stated the gaming solutions of Bede have improved the multi-brand’s digital platform and according to representatives, elevated its performance. An uplift of 35% as been noticed in the digital performance of Grosvenor Casino brand, as well.

In 2016, being on the pursuit of flexibility and making their ambitious online plans a reality, the Rank Group switched its then betting platform OpenBet with the innovative Bede. The Rank Group felt the need to fit better in the ever-changing virtual space and migrated to the gaming solutions and software which Bede provides to its clients. The company processes tens of millions of transactions every month and it only made sense for the Rank Group to feel confident enough to trust them with the development of a sportsbook.

The Kambi sportsbook was designed in a way which makes it easier to be implemented to the other services the company provides, and the integration took 10 weeks total. The new product was introduced at the Cheltenham Festival, where hundreds of people had the chance to utilize it during their betting in the horse racings. The response was very positive and the public had the opportunity to test the new technology in real-life circumstances.

Adam Joseph, Director of Digital Operations at Rank, said that the team of the company is very pleased with how the collaboration is working out and the harmony between the two companies shows best when they present their completed projects to the public. Prior to the moving to a newer technology and work partner, Rank was worried about the risks they are taking when making this big step forward, but as it turned out, the change proved to be a positive one and the 13 percent growth only comes to prove it.

Another benefit the group has noticed is the greater operational efficiency, which was easily achieved with the use of the front line operator tools Bede has to offer. Their platform makes the interaction with customers and partners much more efficient and the results speak for themselves. Their back office software has a lot to offer as well – the company manages to manage campaigns in a detailed manner, to provide advanced bonusing, as well as detail-oriented management of the players.

Bede provides a wide variety of services to its business partners and is currently running many leading gambling sites located all around the world. The company takes care of the marketing, analytics and development of the end product. They also operate sites and support their further development by optimizing the customer experience.