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GameCo Video Games to Take Macau Casino Market by Storm

One of the leading developers of casino games in the US, GameCo has recently expressed their intention to expand their influence in eastern Asia and Macau, in particular, by the end of 2017. They are currently waiting for the approval of Macau authorities to enter the market.

Blaine Graboyes, Chief Executive of GameCo said that the company looks forward to showing their full potential in this brand new for them market. They plan on stepping their game up in order to meet the expectations of the electronic gaming machine field in the country. GameCo plans on introducing their video game gambling machine (VGM) and the numerous possibilities for gameplay they offer.

The US developers begin their Asian journey with working on the Macau casino market, but according to Graboyes, they are going to further expand their partnership with other Asian countries as well. Before making this true, however, they must make sure their licensing and registration are going smoothly and will be done in time. In late 2016 some of the video games the company offers were introduced to three Caesars Entertainment group casinos located in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

On the recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E), the trade show which excites the entire Asian casino industry, the company introduced two of their games to the public and made an impression to potential clients. The exhibition took place at The Venetian Macao and GameCo presented a puzzle game and a first-person action game. The first one exotically called “Pharaoh’s Secret Temple” utilizes touchscreen technology, whereas the second one “Danger Arena” uses a built-in player console which is readily available on the platform itself.

GameCo is well-known among gambling enthusiasts and even people who try video games for second or third time, for their wide variety of games and the genres they cover. Everyone can find something they enjoy playing and all preferences can be satisfied. The New York-based company provides anything and everything from racing, sports, through FPS, MOBA, and fighting, to Puzzles, Match 3, and hidden objects.

Their video games are designed for a single player, the so-called “Class III” product, which gives the player a more intense experience, and they run on exciting slot platforms, which makes implementing them in unexplored markets, such as the one in Macau, even easier to accomplish. Aiming at the millennial generations, with their preferences for more exciting stories and skill-based element, which makes the game more appealing, GameCo has been licensing their products in many US jurisdictions.