Twain Sport T-kick Live Casino Review: What Do You Need to Know?

Live casino gambling has thrived by bringing a new approach to classic table games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. These are names everyone knows!


Not so much.

Yet wonderful things can come from unexpected sources! In this case, newcomer Twain Sport has delivered a one-of-a-kind title…

… one with serious upsides!

(Please note: Twain Sport is an imprint of gaming giant Betgames, so while the designer has a new name, the team that built this hardly consists of rank amateurs. Make no mistake: these folks know what they’re doing.)

As you might expect from a game with such a unique name, there’s a truly fascinating structure to gameplay here. The key is to understand both sides of this two-pronged title.

First, there’s T-Kick itself. This is the sport players are competing at!

T-Kick was inspired by soccer (or, as its known throughout the entire rest of the world, football). This simplified, playground-style approach to the game is far from the first time that  have appeared on the market.

The simplified version of the Beautiful Game consists of a 60-second contest between two football professionals. Their aim: to kick balls through one of the six goals on the wall: specifically, they need to shoot a ball from a net that has lit up into goal that is lit up. The side with the most successful hits of this kind after 60 seconds wins.

In many ways, T-Kick resembles a penalty shootout more closely than an actual match.

Where things get really interesting is the way that the design teams integrates sports betting gaming into gameplay itself!

Instead of trying to ‘beat the house,’ players are trying to correctly predict the outcome of the round of T-Kick. Bets are open between rounds only – as in Roulette, once the round is in motion, no more bets will be accepted.

As in other sports betting situations, the odds are based on the history of each player. Better players are more likely to win against weaker ones, so the odds favor these players more generously… which means players can’t win much by betting on favorites exclusively. By paying attention to player performances, as well as the league overall, it’s possible to notice undervalued players (and the favorable bets that come with them!)

Fortunately, while betting slips allow for a great variety of wagers, there are some simple ones available as new bettors get familiar with this unique style. We recommend that newcomers stick to the simpler bets at first, such as Match Result.

The overall RTP here is an even 95%, as the game calculates odds and returns evenly, then adds a house edge of 5% to the bargain.

We would be even more bullish about this game if they’d lowered that number somewhat – as well as if they’d included a live chat for player support – but even as it stands, this is a title every gambling fan should see to believe. It really is the first of its kind!