About Armadillo Studious

Mainly US-oriented, based in Miami, Armadillo Studious is offering something that can only be described as a memorable gambling experience. That is what they pledge to bring to the table, but did they deliver as much? Let’s see…

Nobody knew about these guys until one day in June 2021, one big player picked them up and that company’s name is EveryMatrix. We are talking here about the huge corporations that take care of numerous operators worldwide. You can probably recognize some of their partner’s names such as Play Pearls and Swintt.

The initial idea for Armadillo Studios was to cover North America. Now their partnership with EveryMatrix can potentially open doors to the market outside from their safe place where they swim like a fish in an ocean.

Armadillo Studios Review

armadillo_studios_reviewAs we mentioned, this software provider is brand new. They are from Miami, USA. Their intention is to show the world what are they capable of doing. What we noticed about them is that online slots from Armadillo Studios are creative and high quality.

The key factor about them is a clear concept. They know how to create slots that the players desires and that by itself is a fine indicator of an ambitious company that cares for their customers’ needs.

With EveryMatrix as their mentor and the connections they provide, it can’t be that difficult to hit the mark.

Armadillo Studios’ website’s overall look and games are both made to a high standard, but nothing less is expected from the famous company they are representing.

From the get-go, their logo is very noticeable and comes across as a choice that has its specific purpose. The Armadillo shape is well-designed and stands out from the crowd.

Everything you need to know information about the fresh Armadillo Studios slot machines that come from their production line and other news is easy to find. We think that website is organized and clear.

The same goes for the links to their social media, although they are not very active at the moment. This is a setback because the best online slot makers are utilizing social media potential to spread the word about their new products, We think that Armadillo Studious should do the same in order to expand the client base.

With no objections about the design of Armadillo Studios slots, it comes to our attention that they didn’t develop a distinct style yet. Even though games appear to look good, an authentic style is needed as well as an esthetic that fits every theme in its uniqueness.

Game Library

game_libraryThe portfolio from this particular brand is not that extensive but they are making some decent games. Their titles are just enough to have an idea of what these guys are capable of. Graphics are absolutely spot on, entertaining gameplay is guaranteed, and huge numbers of extra features will make any ask for more. Let’s mention some of them…

  • Queen of Egypt

This was one of the first slots created under the name Armadillo. A widely popular Egyptian theme presented in a 5×3 reel set, and amazing 243 ways to score a win. We find this game absolutely amazing!

  • 15 Armadillos

This slot was inspired by the company itself. Very creative touch in our opinion. The slot features dangerous animals such as pythons, alligators, eagles, panthers, and otters. The boosters are fantastic: besides the regulars. The game has extra spins and a bonus game. Very entertaining!

  • The Lioness: Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes is a tough lady, a very famous UFC fighter. This famous lady, a master of martial arts is the leading protagonist of this great slot machine. Astonishing design of this slot!

Armadillo Studios Bonuses

We analyzed the Armadillo Goes West game because there are not so many in the library that we can extract more information from or compare between.

This particular slot has medium volatility and an RTP of 95%. We found that there are random wilds, symbol upgrades, multipliers, etc. You need to unlock extra spins; the armadillo will bring something from every spin of the reels. Players will be able to choose their own volatility in this slot. The game can award multipliers of up to 7x, plus extra spins and the chance to grab bigger bonuses.

Strong Business Partnership

strong_business_partnershipAs we mentioned Armadillo Studios is a project that is blessed to be an investment from EveryMatrix. The plan was to conquer the USA market, and from there spread online casinos on a global level. In other words, to test the USA market pulse, dominate, and from there advance further.

This cooperation helped them to make some connections with relevant brands such as Bet Victor, for example. Our estimates are that Armadillo Studios’ slots games will find their way to a wider audience in no time.

Presence in the US Markets

As much as we can tell Armadillo Studios games can be played anywhere with legalized casino games, but the focus for this provider at the time being is on the US markets. Many of the US states are beginning to legalize online casinos. Because that is an inevitable turn of events, it also represents an opportunity to be exposed to many more potential customers. Probably some of the biggest game providers will take this chance to offer their games. Armadillo Studious will take a different path.

They analyze the needs and desires of American players as a unique group and create custom-tailored games. They will set themselves apart from other studious and try to grow their brand. If they become an authority on American soil, they will be on the path to glory. We will see in the near future what is the outcome of this ambitious plan.


Armadillo Studios have a lot of potential, but that is fairly obvious. They are lucky to be provided with all the necessary tools to execute everything they can think of. As a rising star among software developers, they made a bold decision to focus on the USA market first and not to expend exponentially. We are eager to see if this idea will get them to the level of their mentors as the bar is set high and the industry is changing constantly.

All we have so far are strong promises to deliver but the question is whether they should continue to focus on the American markets exclusively and create great games, or should they prove their potential to be one of the best slot developers elsewhere. Only time will tell.