Why You Should Try Play’n GO’s FuseWays and Grid Slots

While the gambling industry is constantly evolving and growing, the online slot market has undoubtedly been at the forefront of innovation and fresh ideas. Over the years, we’ve seen many original concepts and ways to experience one-armed bandits, with software providers primarily responsible for this. One of the legendary studios, Play’n GO, has been making waves with its Grid Slots and FuseWays. Let’s take a deep dive and look into why you should be playing some of these titles if you consider yourself an online slots fan.

Play’n GO – The Driving Force

Before we discuss the cluster and FuseWays mechanics, we want to examine how Play’n GO has achieved its current status as one of the biggest software providers in the industry. Established in 2005, this studio has produced quality slot titles for many years.

They are known for their absolute dedication to providing players with unforgettable one-armed bandits that are uniquely fun and interesting. Their games always have great art directions, beautiful graphics, and mesmerizing soundtracks, which work tremendously well to create memorable atmospheres.

This is, of course, all complimented by various features and mechanics that tie everything together. It is difficult to compare their slots and call them similar, as every title you play will feel different from the rest, making their catalog of games diversified and thrilling.

It’s also worth mentioning that this studio has never focused on developing live-dealer products. Instead, it is fully committed to producing revolutionary and innovative digital games, which is probably why it has been consistent with its quality throughout the years.

Their experience, great ideas, and excellent team coordination make Play’n GO among the best and most influential names in the online slot scene and the entire industry. You’d find it challenging to meet a gambler who hasn’t played at least some of their games, so we highly recommend anything developed by them.

Grid Slots – A Cluster of Fun

Now that we’ve discussed the legendary software provider, we must devote our attention to a slot genre that took casinos by storm and is still arguably one of the most popular ways people like to experience these titles. Grid Slots have become a worldwide phenomenon, and their status remains to attract new and seasoned players daily.

Even though Play’n GO wasn’t the studio that created this idea, they are recognized as the team that regularly produces the highest-quality grid titles, which is why so many punters don’t look any further than their portfolio of products. The sheer amount of these fantastic games they’ve put out is astonishing, and they don’t seem like they are stopping any time soon.

If you’re not familiar with how these slots function in comparison to regular games, it’s pretty simple. Instead of relying on traditional predisposed pay lines to accumulate wins, grid titles revolve around you matching clusters of symbols in horizontal and vertical lines for winning combinations, creating an entirely new experience.

The key feature of this mechanic lies in the fact that once you attain a winning combination, new symbols will slide down to replace the empty spaces, creating a cascade effect that can ultimately produce a new combination of winnings. This can continue if the clusters are matched, resulting in multiple consecutive wins.

Because of this, many cluster slots tend to have unusual layouts that differ from what we’ve gotten used to with regular games. It’s common to see 7×7, 8×8, or 9×9 boards when playing them.

Compared to standard one-armed bandits, these games provide players with much more excitement overall. When you’re playing a regular slot, base spins are usually there to fill time and possibly get you a couple of bucks back, but here, you can get some pretty serious numbers with any hit if you’re lucky enough.

On top of this brilliant feature, Play’n GO’s games usually incorporate additional mechanics like bonus rounds and free spins that blend perfectly with the cluster system. Once you combine everything into one package results in a complete slot experience that trumps many standard products.

FuseWays – An Electrifying Mechanic

While grid slots implement an entertaining and engaging cascading feature that millions love worldwide, Play’n GO took a completely different approach to their FuseWays mechanic. Here, the playing field is changed, consisting of paths instead of the regular symbols you’d come to expect.

These paths are blocks and can be of different sizes. A block usually has 2, 3, or 4 paths attached to its ends. The point is to match the paths to create the so-called closed circuit, culminating in a win. You will generate a higher payout depending on how big the closed circuit you connected is.

As you can probably imagine, this creates a slot environment we haven’t seen before. Your prior knowledge and experience with one-armed bandits won’t affect your adventure with FuseWays. It’s a revolutionary concept that will undoubtedly attract a considerable cult following.

The removal of classic symbols provides players with an entirely refreshing perspective. We would go as far as to say that it produces a new genre of slot games, as the ruleset of FuseWays is diametrically different from what we’ve been able to play before its development.

Spark Of Genius

For the pioneer of their revolutionary mechanic, Play’n GO decided to produce a historically themed online slot, Spark of Genius. This one-armed bandit perfectly blends all the qualities we’ve come to expect from this software provider. It is a genuinely beautiful-looking game with fantastic visuals, video effects, and a great sound design.

In addition to implementing the FuseWays mechanic, the developer also incorporated several features to keep things interesting. The focus is on the title’s two inventors and main characters, Tess and Woodrow, who interchangeably spin the board and can bring different prizes.

In this case, every character has an energy meter that can be filled with combinations or winning circuits. When you attain 15, 25, or 35 winning circuits, you’ll receive appropriate rewards that can differ depending on which character was spinning.

These can range from randomly removing or rotating circuit symbols, adding destroy or special symbols, to unique free spins that can grant win multipliers in different ways. There is a lot of variety here, making every base spin exciting and full of potential. We highly recommend you check this one out if you’ve been looking for something different and exciting.

3 Play’n GO Grid Slots You Must Play

As mentioned, Play’n GO’s library contains an unparalleled collection of grid slots for their players to enjoy. There are numerous titles here, all with unique features, bonus rounds, themes, and mechanics. If you have never played some of their titles, we recommend that you start with these 3 popular choices among punters:


We’re kicking things off with a well-known grid slot that has spawned an entire franchise of sequels and spinoffs. Reactoonz is a widely beloved one-armed bandit that features the cluster pays mechanic with a great art style and atmosphere. The central theme revolves around cute aliens, but the show’s main star is the array of engaging mechanics.

Apart from attaining cascading wins, you’ll enjoy multiple features such as expanding symbols, multipliers, and wilds. Additionally, a special meter fills with each winning combination, and after it is filled, you’ll receive one of 5 Quantum leap features: Implosion, Demolition, Incision, Alternation, or Gargantoon. Considering everything, this is a jam-packed title that is a must-try!

Moon Princess

Next, we have Moon Princess, a Sailor Moon-inspired game that has garnered a cult following over the years, and for a good reason. Even though this title may seem like it might be specifically designed for anime fans, besides having vibrant pink colors and cute characters, Moon Princess is incredibly competent at delivering thrilling action and excitement.

It has several engaging mechanics to keep you occupied for hours, like symbol transformation, wilds, multiplier, the Princess Trinity bonus feature, and free spins with 3 different types of powers. This and the cluster pay mechanic on each winning sequence make for a fantastic slot experience. We wholeheartedly recommend you try this one, even if the theme initially doesn’t attract you.

Viking Runecraft

The third entry belongs to none other than Viking Runecraft, an online slot centered around Norse mythology and ruthless Vikings. The game features beautiful visuals that ooze with style and personality. Everything is pleasant to look at, while the soundtrack does a fantastic job of immersing you in and providing you with an exemplary atmosphere.

The game has a meter that you can fill up with consecutive cascading wins that reward you with 4 unique features: Fury of Fenrir, Judgement of Jörmungand, Scorching of Surtr, and Lure of Loki, all with unique benefits. In addition, Viking Runecraft has 4 gods, and one will always stand on the left side of the board, providing you with reel modifiers.

If all of this wasn’t enough already, the game also boasts free spins that can grant multipliers and pay out quite generously. Once we summarize everything, it’s no wonder why this grid slot has acquired such a following in Canadian casinos.