Truth or Myth: AI Roulette Predictions

Technology advancements in the online gambling industry are on a constant rise. In the past decade, we’ve seen so many systems integrated and refined, most of which increase the quality of the gaming experience. Recent innovations introduced us to artificial intelligence, which enormously impacted the market. In this article, we discuss whether AI can predict roulette outcomes and if that’s something you can use to your advantage. There are many claims out there that machine learning can assist us with maximizing winning chances, so let’s see if that is true.

Artificial Intelligence: A Revolution in Online Casinos

Just a couple of years ago, AI was considered a tool only used by experts in the field, making it unreachable to the general masses. That all changed by the end of 2022. The introduction of ChatGPT allowed everyone to utilize the possibilities of its robust systems.

Nowadays, everyone can get into machine learning and study how everything functions much more quickly. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use these tools, making it a very accessible software. This change also impacted the online gambling industry in various ways.

Most positive changes have resulted in players having a much better time in online casinos. For example, security is at an all-time high because of this. Artificial intelligence is instrumental in detecting malicious attacks that compromise player data and potentially steal identity.

AI can also work creatively, allowing software providers to create new titles more regularly or providing casino brands with promotional ideas and events. Furthermore, it has proven very useful in detecting fraudulent behavior, eliminating all risks of players exploiting and taking advantage of games.

It’s also worth mentioning that customer support systems have seen a complete overhaul because of this new technology. A bot can quickly help casino users resolve some of their issues with platforms and assist them with any questions they might have. This allows you to get an instant response for urgent matters, which we think is a huge plus.

There are many other ways in which brands and developers use artificial intelligence. Still, you’re probably wondering whether you, as a player, can utilize these tools to help you predict popular table games like roulette, so let’s examine whether there are any practical uses.

AI and Roulette Prediction

First, we must distinguish between skill-based gambling titles and games purely driven by randomness. Games like blackjack and poker offer many ways for players to improve their skills and become better over time. For example, card counting is very beneficial and can sometimes guarantee wins.

The same can’t be said for roulette, as the game is entirely based on luck. Whether you’re playing a live dealer or computer version of the game, you won’t be able to determine where the ball will land on the wheel. Sure, a couple of strategies can potentially assist you, but they are far less helpful than for the abovementioned titles.

This means that even with the help of artificial intelligence, you simply can’t predict the outcome of a roulette game, at least as of right now. Be that as it may, we’ve seen the prototype of a tool that could potentially change this, but the chances of that are very slim.

The concept of AI roulette prediction revolves around spotting biased wheels. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to specific roulette wheels that might have structural errors within them that may result in the ball landing on specific spots more frequently, allowing the bot to recognize this.

To accomplish this, you would have to utilize machine learning with artificial intelligence for a prolonged period. It would take thousands on top of thousands of roulette spins for the AI to notice an irregularity with the wheel. While the concept in theory could work, in reality, it falls flat.

You see, these errors in roulette wheels are very few and far between. Even if you find one that could be exploited, chances are that the casino brand or software provider has already noticed the faultiness, which they will immediately fix. This renders the tool useless, so you shouldn’t consider using it.

It’s also pivotal to mention that no online casino will tolerate AI usage on its platform. If caught trying to exploit an error, your account and all the funds will likely be terminated and voided.

However, there are overall advantages to using AI in online casinos.

AI can simplify learning the rules of various games, provide clear explanations, and offer quick access to credible information.

AI can also help users understand winning probabilities, learn strategies efficiently, discover the best casinos tailored to their preferences, and identify lucrative promotions and bonuses.

Studying Strategies in Depth

Even though you can’t predict pure randomness with AI, there are still ways to find it as a helpful tool. While certainty is never associated with roulette, there are still several strategies that you can use to elevate your chances of success. The Martingale strategy, the Oscar’ grind system, the parole system, and the Fibonacci strategy are just some of the tactics players use

Some of these are more complicated than others, and learning them will be a lot easier with the help of artificial intelligence. Instead of scouring the web for information and trying to find a credible source, you can ask your AI bot about any strategy you are interested in using.

By doing this, you can also learn which tactics will assist you the most, allowing you to focus on only those that can genuinely impact your game. However, it’s crucial to remember that none of the roulette strategies can guarantee any wins. Those looking to play something a little less dependent shouldn’t consider roulette.

Learning About Probability

When playing roulette, you can choose from numerous bets on which to stake your money. Some have much bigger probabilities of winning than others, but that is compensated with smaller rewards in return. Betting on color is much simpler than trying to guess the exact number, and that’s why the payout there is 2:1.

Taking probability into account for every bet you make is essential to being a competent roulette player. However, this may be trickier for newer punters, especially starting. Using artificial intelligence can also significantly help you in this department.

Consulting with your bot before placing any bet will allow you to know precisely your winning chances for each spin. This can help you avoid making the wrong moves and keep your win probability as high as possible. This information is also available online, but getting instant responses to detailed questions is much more practical and faster.

Comparing Roulette Variations

Besides learning about probabilities and studying strategies, AI can also help you determine which roulette variation will fit your playstyle the best. As you probably already know, many versions of the famous game feature unique mechanics and additional bets.

Some available variations offer entirely new systems that completely change how the game is played, resulting in a new set of probabilities and winning chances. Reading up on these on the web can take a significant amount of time, but with the assistance of a bot, you can easily find out which ones will be worth checking out.

You can even compare two versions side by side. This can be especially useful for seasoned players with extensive roulette knowledge, allowing them to zero in on the title that can potentially bring them more enormous cashouts.

For example, playing the European version of roulette is much better than the American version since it only features one zero socket instead of two, making it a logical choice for anyone looking to maximize their chances.

Watch Out For Fake AI Tools

Since being able to predict roulette outcomes with the help of artificial intelligence sounds like a dream come true, many people will try to capitalize on this trend, even if there is no practical way of developing such a system. This means there will be a lot of fake AI tools being advertised to punters.

We’ve seen far too many, and we can’t begin to imagine how many more there will be later. Even if someone develops an AI that can do such a thing, the industry will put all its effort and resources into disabling its use. Unfortunately, there likely isn’t a future where we can do this.

That’s why avoiding fake advertisements is pivotal, especially if they charge a fee for the supposed services. We do not doubt that many beginners will fall for this trap, as it looks lucrative and tempting. The sad reality is they will be scammed in the end, so don’t make that mistake.

You could also lose money and experience repercussions when using AI tools in casinos. As mentioned, operators will not allow anyone to have that unfair advantage, which is only natural. Many people have lost their accounts on their favorite platforms because of this.


In summary, there aren’t any viable solutions for artificial intelligence tools that can predict outcomes in roulette. While gamblers have always tried to find a way to trick the casinos and gain an advantage, the house has always been a few steps further. This keeps the integrity of games, and as a result, every player will have the same chance of winning on a fair field.