Top Casino Table Games With the Highest Win Chances

Spending time in online casinos will allow you to experience hundreds of unique and exciting games with different winning probabilities. We will focus on the best casino table game odds and how they can help you cash out more significant amounts. You should consider playing these games if your sole goal is to maximize your winning potential.


Among the table games available in online casinos, blackjack is arguably the most popular, and for good reason. People worldwide love this game for its relative simplicity and fascinating nature. The game is thrilling and entertaining, and most importantly, it has good winning odds.

Blackjack is relatively easy to get into. Players are looking to beat the dealer by having a higher value of summed-up cards than the dealer, but without going over 21. They usually draw two cards and can choose whether to draw another or stand on the given value. There are additional options such as split and double which you can use to split an identical pair or double your initial bet.

While simple, the game offers the ability to strategize and improve over time. It is regarded as one of the better table games for winning odds, especially for those with experience and knowledge. If you dedicate enough time and effort to improving, your chances of winning increase exponentially.

Luckily, there is a ton of information about the best blackjack strategies on the internet, and you can start learning them with just a couple of clicks. It might take some time to get the hang of things, but by the time you know your way around, the probability of winning will be on your side.

Try playing at tables that offer single-dack blackjack. This can significantly help you utilize the strategies above, as many include card counting. It’s also important that you play at tables where the dealers are required to stand on soft 17 and where you can double down after you’ve split identical pairs.

By taking all of these steps, you can effectively lower the house edge which will in turn help you cash out more frequently. Remember that no strategy is a definitive and loss-proof way to win. Blackjack and other table games revolve around luck, which you want to be aware of at all times.

European and French Roulette

While it certainly doesn’t have the lowest house edge on the market, roulette is still a very good choice for players who are looking to have decent chances of winning. Those who are only starting with this classic title will need to know one crucial thing: you should never play the American version of roulette.

There is a straightforward reason why you are supposed to follow this rule. The European and French versions of roulette only have one green socket, or zero, in comparison to the American variations, and this drastically lowers the house edge. This is why we think that if your goal is to maximize your potential, there is no reason why you would want to play American roulette.

Now, we recommend that you always play the French version. This is because it provides you with two extra rules that can tremendously help lower your risks of losing. The first one is the La Partage rule, which lowers your losses if the roulette ball lands on zero during an even-money bet. In this case, you only lose 50% of your initial stake.

The second rule, En Prison, helps players out similarly but with a twist. If the roulette ball lands on the zero socket while the En Prison rule is active on an even-money bet, it becomes “enprisoned” until the next spin. Your initial stake is returned if you win on an even-money bet during the next spin.

In essence, the French version of roulette is just an advanced variant of the European title. It is objectively your safest bet when you’re trying to win as much as possible. One of the main issues with this is that you are much more likely to encounter American and European versions in online casinos than in French ones.

Finding the perfect gambling platform that offers these types of tables might take a while. However, you will certainly not need to spend tremendous time and effort on it.


Apart from blackjack, another game that solidly favors the player-winning odds is baccarat. This is another straightforward and easy-to-get-into-table game you don’t need much time to master. It is a perfect choice for beginner players looking to jump into the live dealer space without worrying about complexity and various strategies.

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules, you aim to place a bet on one of the three main bets: the player, the banker, or the tie. When trying to have the biggest possible winning odds, it’s generally advised that you do not place money on the tie bet, as you’re likely going to lose.

The dealer places two face-down cards on both the player’s and the banker’s bets, and your goal is to guess which one will have a closer summed-up value to 9, which is considered natural. Number cards retain their values in this game, while face cards are counted as 0, and the aces are considered 1.

If the bet has two number cards whose summed-up values cross over 9, then you simply start counting from 0 again. That is everything you need to know about this game. You can probably see why this has been a frequently picked title for inexperienced players. Anyone can jump in on the fun and understand everything in minutes.

Of course, there are several side bets that you can also try your luck in, but we do not recommend that you use them while you are still getting the hang of the game. Even then, it’s generally agreed upon that the player and the banker bets are your best choices, as the house edge for both is around 1.06% and 1.24%, respectively.

It’s also worth mentioning that, just like any other table game, baccarat has several unique and interesting variations. While these variations certainly add more flavor and excitement with their interesting mechanics, it’s recommended that you stick to the original rule set, as your chances of winning will be highest there.


Last but not least, we have to mention poker as a really good choice for punters who wish to play a game that will certainly respect their time and efforts and offer them some favorable odds. There are many forms of poker that you should consider playing.

First, we would like to mention the video version of the game. While it certainly won’t provide you with an immersive live dealer experience like some of our other mentions, video poker in some cases has the objectively lowest house edge out of all the casino games which can range anywhere from 0.05% – to 2%, depending on the version you decide to play.

We recommend you play Jack or Better and Deuces Wild variations, which are generally accepted as the best. Once you learn about strategies and utilize specific tips, you will successfully increase your potential to bring more consistent wins across the board.

Apart from video poker, you should also look into the live-dealer versions of the game, even if they can’t offer the same house-edge percentage. Texas Hold’em is a popular pick, and many consider it the greatest game in the gambling space.

Once you’ve heightened your skills against the computer and live dealers, you can try playing against other players. This is where you can truly show how you’ve mastered the game. Poker requires much knowledge and patience, which you can use to win more when competing with other punters.


In summary, these table games offered players the best possible winning odds. Of course, many other titles don’t give an unfair advantage to the house. Still, we believe that the ones we’ve mentioned are prevalent in many Canadian online casinos and that you won’t have an issue finding them. Remember that even with favorable odds, you are never guaranteed a win. Make sure that you primarily play to have fun and treat wins as an unexpected occurrence every time.