The Best Ways To Withdraw Money in Canadian Casinos

As a beginner player, finding a perfect online casino can be a difficult task. There are many things you should factor into consideration, like the design of the platform, game libraries, customer support, and promotions. Besides those, we also think you should consider which payment options are available. In this article, we’ll look at the best casino withdrawal methods for Canadian players in 2024. There are numerous banking options on the market right now, some better than others, so let’s discuss which ones work best for safe and timely casino payments.


Even in today’s modern times, credit and debit cards are still regarded as the most popular option for online gamblers, especially when it comes to Visa. This payment method is famous all over the world and is used by thousands of players every single day.

One of the main reasons credit and debit cards have this sort of usage is their availability. It’s challenging to find someone who doesn’t have a bank account and at least one card to their name in 2024. This means beginner punters don’t have to go through additional procedures to deposit and withdraw their money, as they probably already own a Visa.

All they have to do is enter the details on their casino accounts, and their transactions will be completed. Accessibility is the biggest reason why so many gamblers tend to use this method. It’s also worth mentioning that almost every online casino out there accepts Visa as a valid option.

This means that if you aren’t looking to utilize other methods, you will still be able to use your credit or debit card in almost every gambling environment you come across. In recent years we’ve only seen crypto-only casinos excluding Visa as their allowed withdrawal tool, which means that it is still an incredibly rare occurrence.

While all of this sounds like there isn’t a downside to this banking method, there certainly is. Debit and credit cards are notoriously known for having slower withdrawal times compared to other options. You might have to wait a couple of days for your winnings to be transferred to your bank account, which certain players are not fans of.


If you don’t own a Visa, chances are your bank issued you a Mastercard debit or credit card. Just like our previous mention, this payment method is also an incredibly popular choice amongst punters in Canadian casinos. The sheer accessibility of it allows thousands of new people to try gambling for the first time without complicated signups.

Simply enter your Mastercard details on the withdrawal page, and your winnings will be deposited into your account. Chances are you will also need to wait for a couple of days for the funds to arrive, as generally slower transaction times are similar between all the credit and debit card options.

We also must say that opting for these payment options will provide you with pretty decent security, given that you spend time in regulated gambling platforms overseen by legitimate regulatory bodies. While the transactions aren’t anonymous, it still has robust security features.

Be that as it may, it’s generally advisable that you do not use the same card details on a lot of online casinos. The more platforms have your information, the bigger the risk you take at the end of the day. Sometimes, even regulated casinos have security breaches caused by third-party malicious attacks.

Always ensure you have 2-factor authentication activated for all your Mastercard transactions, as that will require you to confirm every withdrawal made from your account. While this may lengthen your transaction times, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Electronic Wallets

Apart from credit and debit cards, the most popular choice of payment methods in online casinos is reserved for many types of electronic wallets. They are a fantastic choice for punters who do not wish to leave their direct bank details with various casino brands.

These types of wallets serve as an intermediary between your credit card and your online casino account. When you’re looking to withdraw your winnings, all you have to do is connect the e-wallet of your choice, and later on, you can spend the funds however you please.

Players in Canadian casinos usually choose to open wallets from reputable companies such as Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. These are all trustworthy and reliable choices for you to consider, and you wouldn’t make a mistake picking one as your primary gambling banking method.

It is generally accepted that using an e-wallet is a much smarter and safer option than credit cards and direct bank transfers. Even if the casino you are playing at has its security compromised, you won’t be in any real danger, especially if you don’t hold a lot of funds in your e-wallet.

Their transaction times are generally fast, with specific methods having differing cashout periods depending on the brand you are playing at. Additionally, most of these e-wallets have excellent security features and low transaction fees, so they have been a popular choice amongst players.


If you’re someone who values privacy and anonymity above everything else when it comes to your casino transactions, then you really shouldn’t look anywhere else besides using cryptocurrencies. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the usage of this banking option among players.

More and more Canadian casinos allow people to use currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin for their withdrawals. They enable all punters to keep themselves fully anonymous and secure when depositing and withdrawing their funds.

Most would agree that this is the future of the industry, as there have been numerous crypto-only gambling platforms appearing on the scene. It’s also important to note that when using cryptocurrencies, you are eliminating any withdrawal fees you incur.

The transaction times are almost non-existent when you are withdrawing money. When we consider everything, it’s no wonder that many claim this is the ultimate payment method for all punters. It trumps all the qualities of other options by simply being better in almost every aspect.

Most recently, we’ve seen many casinos having integrated crypto shops, which allow people to easily purchase cryptocurrencies so they can use them for gambling, making the entire process a lot more streamlined and easy to use. We believe players will slowly but surely switch from traditional options to this modern method that has garnered attention over the years for a reason.

Interac e-Transfer

Interac is a well-known and very well-spread Canadian national payment network that offers a multitude of banking options to its users. Those looking to utilize this method for online gambling will most likely take advantage of the Interac e-Transfer system.

This feature allows users to send and receive funds from various bank accounts. This payment method isn’t seen all too often in Canadian casinos, but if you find a platform that allows you to use it, we highly suggest you do.

Interac e-Transfer will allow you to experience incredibly fast transactions in most cases, top-of-the-line security features, and considerably lower fees compared to most other banking options on the market. It is an excellent withdrawal option if you end up finding a gambling platform that allows you to use it.


Another payment method that is exclusive to Canadian players is iDebit. This option lets them directly connect their bank accounts with an interface and execute transactions to and from the casino accounts. Just like Interac e-Transfer, this method isn’t frequently seen in gambling platforms, but many of those allow it.

The only thing you need to use iDebit is an open bank account. From there on, you can connect your account details with the interface and you’ll be ready to utilize everything this payment service offers. Its signature fast transaction times make it a favorite amongst Canadian punters.

It’s worth mentioning that you might encounter smaller fees when you are withdrawing funds from your casino account. While these aren’t huge fees, it would still be great if there weren’t any to begin with.


In summary, these are the best withdrawal methods in Canadian casinos. Some choices have advantages in areas that others don’t, so you should carefully consider which ones will suit you the best. Generally speaking, you won’t have major problems with using any of these options. Modern options like crypto have more advantages in terms of transaction times and processing fees, while traditional methods have much broader accessibility and do not require people to dedicate any extra time or effort before withdrawing their funds.