Swintt Live Casino: Games and Features

The online gambling market is constantly expanding, with new products, solutions, and software providers arriving on the scene every day. Canadian players will be happy to know that they can experience games from a very reputable developer studio called Swintt, as they are receiving an operating license for the Canadian iGaming market very soon. In this article, we will examine what kind of live casino games this team can offer and if they will appeal to the audience they are trying to expand to.

About Swintt

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the relatively short but very successful history of software developer Swintt. Established in 2019, the team based in Malta rocked the gambling industry in just a few years. The studio accomplished many things in this period, with its name becoming increasingly popular amongst players.

They have started gaining attention with their very robust selection of online slots, as many of their titles have unique mechanics and features. This allowed them to separate themselves from the competition which is a very hard thing to do, especially when talking about one-armed bandits.

Every product they’ve put out felt like a completely new experience, which incentivized a lot of players to try out their other games. This was further demonstrated by the art direction and sound design of all the titles. It’s obvious that Swintt put a lot of effort into developing very competent entertainment options for punters, but they’ve wanted something more.

That’s when the team decided to start producing for the live casino market, which is arguably the hardest thing to do for a software developer in today’s market. There is a rather big monopoly of live-dealer developers, which consists of industry giants such as Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech, but Swintt still managed to put their name on the map.

They have proven to be exemplary in all production departments, which leads us to believe that we will see so much more from this studio. It’s incredible how much they’ve accomplished from their beginnings in 2019, so we do not doubt they will continue with this traction.

Our focus in this article will be on the live dealer products they are bringing to the Canadian online casino market. Let’s look at why you should consider giving Swintt a shot once they finally obtain the operating license.

Live Casino Standout Features

When developing high-end live casino products, the provider must invest an incredible amount of effort, time, and most importantly money. This endeavor is exponentially harder in comparison to creating an online slot, for example. There is a whole infrastructure required for everything to function properly and smoothly.

That’s why it’s so amazing that Swintt did such a fantastic job. Many other smaller studios have tried this in the past, but they’ve failed miserably. Canadian fans of live dealer games should be thoroughly excited about what’s about to come to their favorite casinos.

They haven’t only managed to provide a top-tier experience, innovate, and bring something entirely new to the table. One of their standout features is that their games are live-streamed directly from Las Vegas! That’s right, the team invested in having their game studios located in the worldwide famous capital of gambling.

The result of this is one of the most immersive live dealer experiences in the online gambling market. All of their titles have the absolute best atmosphere of any other competitor. Punters who appreciate the immersion factor when playing won’t have to look any further than Swintt’s library of table games.

This is all accompanied by a team of very professional dealers who do their best to make every session as memorable as possible. It goes without saying, but every table’s video quality is top-notch and very well optimized even for those with slower internet connections.

It’s also very important to mention that Swintt mainly focuses on optimizing and improving the mobile gaming experience for players, and they do a masterful job of that. With their technology, the team dedicated an enormous amount of resources to creating a user-friendly interface that is both revolutionary and intuitive.

They also allow multi-table betting, another addition many punters will appreciate. This QOL change reduces unnecessary waiting times and allows for more strategic and smoother gameplay. Furthermore, Swinnt includes useful features such as “trends and history”, which will mostly benefit experienced players.

As of right now, there are 4 distinct live dealer games for you to expect in Canadian casinos very soon. Let’s take a quick look at what they can offer you, and if they are going to be worth your time and money.


We’re kicking things off with arguably the most popular live casino game on today’s market, and that is of course blackjack. Swintt’s iteration of the legendary title brings the basic ruleset that appeals to both beginner and veteran players, but this time with tons of Las Vegas Style

The game features 5 seat tables for the standard gameplay, but the developer also provides casino brands with the Common Draw versions of blackjack that can host an unlimited number of players. Those who play on regular tables will be placed on a fair waitlist if all the seats are full.

While all of this sounds great, we want to mention the fact that all of the tables use card counting or advantage play detection systems. Those who are looking to strategize and possibly gain leverage on the dealer might get caught and suspended from playing. This is something experienced blackjack players might consider as a major downside.

Be that as it may, you should consider playing Swintt’s blackjack once the provider arrives in Canadian casinos. It’s a complete experience of the classic game that everyone should play at least once in their life.


Next up we have another majorly popular live casino title that has dominated the industry for a long time. Roulette is a game that perfectly suits players who want to play something thrilling that doesn’t involve cards. Because of this, many think that it’s a perfect choice for those who have no prior experience with table games.

Swintt’s take on roulette features the European version of the game that many favor. They provide players with special bets such as Voisins, Orphelins, and Tier bets, which allow for more complex and interesting playstyles. The user display for each table is very intuitive, which is especially important when playing on mobile.

Punters are also offered the aforementioned trends and history feature which they can use to further strategize based on past outcomes and statistics. We think you won’t regret giving these roulette tables a shot since they offer the complete package.


Another very frequent choice amongst table game fans is Baccarat and for a good reason too. Similar to blackjack but with a more significant luck factor, this simple card title provides players with quick and explosive entertainment and is perfect for both new and seasoned punters.

In their version of the game, Swintt didn’t change the core mechanics of what made Baccarat so great; instead, they focused on providing players with a fantastic atmosphere and an unmatched social experience. The live chat communication between the dealers and audiences lights up at every table, making everyone feel like a part of the community.

This baccarat also features multiple camera angles, stunning visuals, and an advantageous trends and history system. Whether you’re playing baccarat for the first time or you’ve been loving the game for a longer period, we think that you would make a huge mistake by not giving it a chance.

Tiger Bonus Baccarat

Lastly, we have a special variation of the previously mentioned game, Tiger Bonus Baccarat. Here, the rules are similar to the original version, but with an addition of a very unique bet called Tiger Bonus. Players can place Tiger Bonus bets and potentially win a 40:1 payout odd.

To succeed the banker must win a hand with a total value of 7 consisting of three cards. While the chances of that happening are pretty low, this is a great betting option for those who like high-risk high-reward scenarios. It’s also worth noting that there is no commission with Tiger Bonus.


In summary, we believe Swintt’s line of live casino games will appeal to Canadian players. The software developer is adamant about providing their customers with only the best table gambling experience and that is recognized instantly by anyone who plays something these guys have put out. Even if you are not a fan of live dealers, we still think you could find tons of entertainment with their other types of products. It’s great that more and more developers are coming to the Canadian market, as players will have more variation and excitement to discover.