Pragmatic Play Revolutionizes Live Casino with Blackjack X

The online gambling industry is rapidly expanding and growing in every single aspect. There are more players now than ever before and even more online casinos with each passing day. Apart from becoming a bigger market, gambling has become a lot more interesting in product diversification and larger entertainment options, especially in the live dealer space. In this article, we’re looking at Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack X and how it redefines the live blackjack experience. This is everything you need to know about this revolutionary title.

An Industry-Leading Software Provider

When it comes to legendary software providers that have paved the way for the entire industry, the name Pragmatic Play will probably come in many discussions. This studio has been synonymous with producing innovative gambling products that revolutionize how we enjoy gambling.

Over the years they’ve garnered the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, as they have developed nothing but quality titles, all with unique mechanics and themes. They are famous for their amazing catalog of online slots, with some being regarded as the best of all time by many.

Apart from those, they are also known for their dedication to providing players with an enormous amount of live dealer casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. In recent years, they’ve also developed numerous game show titles that reinvent the entire genre, allowing punters to play something entirely different from classic table games.

Apart from putting out quality titles that rarely miss the mark, Pragmatic Play manages to produce an unmatched amount of products each month. It’s rare to see a software provider match quality and quantity in such a remarkable way, but that’s what this studio has done.

If you’re a part of the gambling minority that hasn’t tried some of the games this developer has developed over the years, then we urge you to do so the next time you log in to your casino account. We don’t doubt in our mind that you will find at least a couple of their titles that will become your all-time favorites

Now that we’ve taken a moment to recap the amazing achievements of this studio, let’s dive into their newest live casino product, the head-turning Blackjack X, and why you should consider giving it a shot, especially if you are a table-game fan.

Blackjack X – An Overview

Now, you might think that this version of blackjack incorporates some unique and special mechanics or additional bets that will change how the game is played, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Blackjack X is revolutionary in a very different way. Everything is played out on a virtual table and without a dealer.

While this may sound weird to you initially, Pragmatic Play managed to produce something that hasn’t been seen before. If you’re wondering why is this even considered to be a live dealer game, it’s because there are still tables present with multiple seats where players can play against the computer in real time.

In essence, the game features everything you’d come to expect from a live blackjack title except for the fact that there isn’t a real dealer there. Players can still access the chat room and communicate with others, making the entire experience just as social as any other traditional table.

It’s fair to say that this is a unique fusion of computer-based blackjack with land-based features, resulting in one of the most original ways to play this game. It’s no wonder so many people have been so interested in Blackjack X. There is something entirely new on the scene, and that is always exciting.

There won’t be anything out of the ordinary here regarding game rules. You are faced with all of your standard bets like hit, stand, double, and split, alongside popular side bets such as perfect pair, 21+3, and even bet behind. Those already familiar with how blackjack functions won’t have any issues with Pragmatic Play’s newest addition.

The game features 8 decks with shoe reshuffles and cutting-card tracking. One of the standout features of Blackjack X is that anyone can play at any time, meaning there can’t be an instance when the tables are full and you have to wait to start playing. All you have to do is log in, deposit your funds, and start having fun.

Eliminating Human Error

While essentially all live dealer games from reputable software providers have professional dealers who have plenty of experience and knowledge in their field, at the end of the day they are humans, and we all make mistakes sometimes. There have been numerous instances where dealers accidentally make mistakes.

Even though these errors are, in most cases, reverted so they don’t damage the players, they can leave a bad taste in the mouths of many. This is something that simply can’t happen in Blackjack X. Since everything is played out with a dealer, there can’t be any situations where players will go through anything out of the ordinary.

The entire game will be played out in a continuous loop without any stops whatsoever. This also allows punters to have seamless blackjack gameplay where they can always count on the same level of quality every time they join a table. The automation of Pragmatic Play managed to result in very smooth gameplay.

A great thing about this system is the fact that players don’t lose out on other features of similar titles. Those looking to play regular live blackjack in a very stable environment and don’t mind that there aren’t any real dealers will love playing this game.

What About Immersion?

Even though playing live casino blackjack in a virtual environment seems like something right out of the dream for many players, there are some drawbacks as well. While dealers can certainly make mistakes from time to time, they also bring life to every table, which ultimately reflects on the immersion factor.

When a dealer can communicate with all the blackjack players currently on the table, that creates a very real and immersive environment for those playing. It’s the closest thing to land-based casino games we can experience from the comfort of our homes.

Unfortunately, the aspect of immersion isn’t so prevalent in Blackjack X. Even though everything is played out in a beautiful virtual setting filled with various visual effects and stunning graphics, everyone knows this is essentially a multiplayer computer gambling title.

Those who appreciate the immersion and atmosphere in many other Pragmatic Play live titles might be disappointed with this iteration of blackjack. It certainly lacks in this department, which is only natural when we consider the product’s aim when being developed. The team did their best, and future updates or upgraded versions may solve this con.

Accessible and Beginner-Friendly

If you don’t have any experience with table games or live casino titles in general, then Blackjack X could be your first stepping stone. It’s generally agreed that this game is fantastic for beginners, as it doesn’t have complicated rules and everyone can get the hang of basics very quickly.

Since there aren’t any dealers present, this title might feel less intimidating to those who have never played blackjack before. Beginner punters can quickly start learning and enjoying what the game can offer. It is mostly based on luck, but there are numerous strategies that players can learn that can assist them in becoming better over time.

Pragmatic Play also invested a lot of time and dedication in creating a very accessible product here. If, by any chance, you are looking to play this on your smartphone, then you will be able to do so without any issues. IOS and Android devices are compatible with Blackjack X, as everything is fully optimized for handheld devices.

The software developer also provides online casinos with Drops & Wins and tournament integration tools that can be implemented with this title. Brands can also customize their Blackjack X table environments to their liking. Taking everything into account, this is a complete blackjack, which is expected considering it’s coming from an industry-leading studio.


In summary, Pragmatic Play managed to redefine the way we play live blackjack. We are happy to know that software providers are still trying to create new ways in which we all enjoy already-established games. Blackjack X is certainly going to be worth your time and money. Some might even consider it the definitive version of the legendary game, as it combines the best of both worlds to create something unique between computer titles and live casino games.