Play These New Roulette Games in 2024

The live dealer casino space is constantly evolving, with new and exciting titles coming out regularly and reshaping the way we play our favorite games. Amongst all these games, roulette seems to be a frequent choice for players worldwide. It is an intuitive, simple, and very exciting experience that both beginner and veteran punters can enjoy. In this article, we’ll be talking about the top innovative roulette games you can play in 2024. These are some of the variations you should consider playing if you’re a true fan of the genre.

Red Door Roulette – Evolution Gaming

We’re kicking things off with a title from the legendary Evolution Gaming, a software provider known for producing some of the best live casino experiences in the industry. Red Door Roulette is one of their latest achievements and it took casinos by storm, as so many people flocked over to play this product.

With their recent success of a game show titled Crazy Time, Evolution decided to try and incorporate some of the entertaining mechanics from that game into their new roulette spinoff, and it worked marvelously. The rules are pretty simple, and even the most novice of players will have no issues getting in on the fun from the get-go.

You will be presented with a regular European roulette wheel and standard bets but with a couple of twists. First and foremost, you will see that there is a slot-like machine located behind the dealer which spins and stops at a certain number for each roulette wheel spin.

This slot number determines how many keys will be dispersed throughout the numbers grid. The key allows players who have guessed the correct number to be transported into a special bonus round that is the same as it is in Crazy Time. There they are faced with a huge multiplier wheel, and depending on where it stops, players can receive some pretty huge awards.

An important thing to also mention is that throughout the base game roulette wheel spins, there could also be random multipliers attached to the numbers. These multipliers can translate to the Crazy Time bonus round and enhance the end rewards even further. To compensate for all of this, Evolution Gaming reduced payouts for standard bets, as otherwise, players would have too big of an advantage.

On one hand, if you like playing Crazy Time and you’ve never really given roulette a shot, then this is a perfect chance for you to do so. On the other hand, if you’ve been an avid fan of the legendary game but want to spice things up, then you can experience what game-show products can offer while not straying too far from what you’re used to.

FTN Roulette – Pragmatic Play

Next up we have an entry coming from another very well-known and respected software developer that everyone knows about – Pragmatic Play. FTN Roulette doesn’t overhaul the game design and rules like we mentioned. Instead, it provides players with the ability to utilize the FTN cryptocurrency in a modern and attractive setting.

The core roulette gameplay is rather unchanged. Players are presented with the ability to place all the standard and special bets you’ve come to know over the years. Additionally, now you can save your favorite bets and spend less time each round trying to place them, which is a significant quality-of-life change that players seem to love.

What makes this product stand out from the rest is the fact that it is incredibly atmospheric and immersive. Inspired by BFTH Arena, this roulette variation is played out in a beautiful setting filled with fantastic visuals and video effects. It was designed with AKN Eye, FTN, and Mr. Fist elements included.

FTN is a cryptocurrency used for providing blockchain-based apps in the Fastex economy, and now players can utilize this solid and competent roulette title. We highly recommend that you take a look at this product if you’ve been looking to switch over from traditional payment methods without any significant changes to the game you love.

This collaboration between Pragmatic Play and BeConstructs BFTH Arena has proven that punters are steadily getting ready for the future of online gambling and that decentralized casinos are slowly becoming a norm that can provide multiple benefits to those who play in them.

Ultimate Roulette – Ezugi

Continuing our list we have the first game show type title released by software developer Ezugi. If you’re not already familiar with the name, this studio has put its name out on the map by exclusively producing some of the best live-dealer games out there, with their focus mainly being on quality and great atmosphere.

Recently they’ve decided to try and expand their portfolio by developing Ultimate Roulette, which is a fantastic spin on the beloved game that introduces a multitude of multipliers for players. This ultimately raises the stakes and excitement, making this one of the most thrilling live casino experiences.

At the beginning of each round, 5 lucky numbers are assigned multipliers that can range anywhere from 50x, all the way up to 1000x. Besides the 5 lucky numbers, players can also purchase an additional 3 numbers that will also be assigned similar multipliers. Furthermore, they can also expand their values to up to 3 additional neighboring numbers.

This means that in total, every round can have up to 11 straight-up bet numbers which hold huge multipliers. To top everything off, the purchased ones can also have their multipliers doubled randomly. All of this combined results in a roulette title that can get you some pretty serious wins if you’re lucky enough to guess correctly.

This product resonated with thousands of players worldwide. It managed to bring the signature Ezugi quality of games with new mechanics that radically increase the overall appeal and excitement. If you’re bored of playing roulette with regular rule sets, then you shouldn’t look any further and try out this game.

Vikings Multifire Roulette – Real Dealer Studios

Here we have a roulette title that isn’t being played out in a live-casino setting. Instead, Vikings Multifire Roulette by Real Dealer Studios is an RNG-based experience played in a virtual setting. Be that as it may, this is still one of the best titles that has come out in recent months.

As the name suggests, this product revolves around Vikings and Norse mythology. Everything you see here will have that theme incorporated into it, which ultimately results in a very atmospheric game. It’s worth noting that this title has an amazing visual and audio presentation.

Players are immersed in the experience of roulette with a spectacle of great effects. The game is explosive, exciting, and most importantly, incredibly entertaining. The soundtrack provides an extra layer of immersion on top of everything else, so you will love playing this one if you’re someone who appreciates a fantastic art direction.

While pretty graphics of Vikings Multifire Roulette certainly attract a lot of players and create a great first impression, this product also features some thrilling mechanics that will further enhance your gambling abilities.

At the beginning of each roulette spin, up to 5 numbers are marked with fiery arrows, granting them multipliers that can range anywhere from 45x to 500x. This allows punters to get lucky and cash out with considerably higher winnings than they would have in standard roulette titles.

Lucky 6 Roulette – Pragmatic Play

For our last entry, we want to talk about another game developed by Pragmatic Play. Lucky 6 Roulette. This recently-released title allowed this provider to mix the already-established rules of the legendary table game with another popular game show title, which resulted in an instant cult classic.

Playing this title allows players to be faced with a regular roulette ruleset with all the standard and special betting options but with a small twist. With each round, 6 numbers are assigned random multiplier values that can go anywhere between 50x to 2,088x. Anyone who has managed to guess the lucky numbers will be rewarded with substantial wins.

Apart from this amazing feature, what makes this title special among the rest of the crowd is the setting. Pragmatic Play is known for giving its players the ability to play games in the prettiest-looking studios, with some of the most professional live dealers in the industry. You will find it difficult to find this level of quality anywhere else, and we truly think that everyone should give it a shot at least once.

Lucky 6 Roulette is a great choice for those who want to bring some excitement to their gaming sessions, without having to spend a lot of time learning about new strategies and getting prior knowledge. All you have to do is play the game of roulette as you already know it, and who knows, you might get lucky and leave with a much bigger casino balance at the end of the session.

The studio has proven that they are always trying to reimagine some of the most popular table games, alongside creating unique and interesting takes on established formulas. They hit the mark with this product, which is why so many people have been enjoying this product since its release.