Drops and Wins vs. Slot Tournaments: Which Offers Bigger Winning Potential?

In online casinos, slots have become the most popular type of gambling activity for players. They have become so prevalent that software providers and casino brands organize events and tournaments revolving around these games. This article will closely examine slot tournaments and popular Drops and Wins promotional events to see which might be better for you. There are many differences between these competitions, and knowing which ones to participate can increase your winning potential.

Network and Local Slot Tournaments

First and foremost, we must understand the two main differences between one-armed bandit events. Tournaments for these games can be held locally or over a network of casino brands. As the name suggests, local tournaments are organized by singular casino operators and are exclusive to specific platforms.

Network competitions usually encompass many brands simultaneously, making them much larger in scale. This means that if you choose to compete in a network event, you’ll be up against a much bigger pool of players, making the most exclusive prizes a lot harder to attain.

Of course, this also directly impacts the prize pools. While local tournaments are much smaller and offer better chances of objectively winning, they usually provide smaller rewards and prizes than network events. This is only natural since specific casinos don’t have many resources to dedicate to the top winners.

Network promotional events are organized mainly by industry-leading software providers, which is why they can quickly produce tournaments on such a massive scale. In these, punters can usually play slots that were exclusively produced by the studio in question.

When competing in a local tournament, the operator can select many different slots from various software providers for you to play while allowing you to be eligible for event participation. Both types of tournaments have advantages and disadvantages, and you should carefully consider which ones will suit you the best.

It’s also worth mentioning that, regardless of the tournament type, each competition will have unique rules and goals for punters. This means there are objectively good and bad choices for both event types, and sinking in your time and money in the wrong one can ruin the experience.

Drops and Wins

When talking about network slot events, it’s impossible not to mention Drops & Wins, which is currently the largest one-armed bandit competition in the industry. Organized by Pragmatic Play, this promotional phenomenon sees players competing in a year-long event that boasts an astonishing $30,000,000 total prize pool.

If you’re unaware, Pragmatic Play is undoubtedly one of the most popular software providers. It is a leading studio known for its creativity and dedication to providing only the highest quality online slots and live casino titles for punters. Over the years, they’ve produced numerous cult hits that are constantly being placed in the top charts.

Drops & Wins is mainly comprised of two types of competitions. You can participate in weekly tournaments and prize drops. The tournaments are standard competitions featuring leaderboards, where players try to attain the highest scores and consequently receive the biggest prizes.

There are thousands of weekly rewards, with the first-place prize a whopping $25,000 or 25,000x the winning bet in every weekly tournament. These are perfect choices for anyone who wishes to fight with millions of other players for massive cash winnings and the accolades that come with them.

On the other hand, you can choose to participate in the daily prize drops. Simply play Pragmatic Play slots and wager more than $0.50; you’ll be automatically eligible for the drops that can happen at any random spin. The highest cashout potential here is $2,500 or 2,500x the winning bet.

A central selling point of this promotion is that players don’t have to do anything complex to participate, unlike many local events. If you’re playing a Pragmatic Play title, look for the intuitive user interface at the top of each slot to see if Drops & Wins are enabled. There you can also read more about the promotion in greater detail.

It’s also crucial to note that specific casino brands can create their own Drops and Wins slot tournaments. Participating in these will allow you to play slots from other software providers but will naturally have smaller prizes.

Considering everything, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try your luck in these. There are no prior requirements that need to be fulfilled. All you have to do is play some of the greatest slots, and you might have the chance to score big.

Types of Local Slot Competitions

Competing in a local slot tournament is much different than playing one-armed bandits that feature the Drops & Wins promotion. There are many types of local competitions with various rulesets and requirements, and you must know how to distinguish them.

Players usually receive a certain number of credits or spins to use for a tournament. Those who end up highest on the leaderboard after a certain period or reach a specific number of points will receive the biggest prizes.

This, of course, can significantly vary depending on the platform you are playing at. Every casino brand will have its way of approaching its event organization, but these are some of the most common types you will encounter in Canadian casinos:

Free Entry

The most frequently joined types of slot tournaments are undoubtedly the ones with free entry. As the name suggests, players don’t have to do anything but play the required games to be eligible for rewards. Of course, this means the rewards aren’t substantial, but who can complain about something entirely free?

If you’re looking for more excitement with higher stakes, you might want to consider joining a pay-to-play event. These tournaments require players to pay for a spot in the competition initially, which results in a much fiercer environment with considerably higher rewards. It’s worth noting that most of these events allow losing players to re-enter the leaderboards by paying for the entry again.

Weekly Tournaments

Those who want to participate in relatively fast competitions should join weekly tournaments in their favorite Canadian casinos. As the name implies, these are held every week, making them a perfect choice for players who don’t want to dedicate too much time but still be able to compete properly.

Seasonal Tournaments

On the other hand, many punters love participating in seasonal tournaments. These are usually held during the peak of summer, winter, autumn, and spring seasons, while others revolve around major holidays such as Christmas and Easter. They are known for being very entertaining, as players generally have to play titles with seasonal themes to compete.

Which Tournaments Should You Participate In?

You might be contemplating which slot tournaments you should join. This is a valid question, and you should carefully consider it, as most events will require you to dedicate all of your gambling time to them if you want to have the chance of being successful.

Drops & Wins are perfect for beginners who want a streamlined and straightforward entry. Pragmatic Play has purposefully made its event accessible so players don’t have to undergo complicated sign-ups and requirements. You shouldn’t look any further if you simply want to play slots with a chance of scoring substantial extra funds.

But, if you’re looking for a tournament where players are consciously trying to be the best on the leaderboard, then chances are you will have a much better time by participating in brand-specific competitions. The stakes will be higher, but the possible rewards and entertainment are worth it.

The Importance of Picking the Right Casino

If you’ve decided that local slot tournaments will excite you, you will carefully consider the brand you invest your time and money in. Competing in licensed and regulated environments is pivotal, as that will ensure fairness and your safety.

Specific unlicensed casinos may offer more significant rewards, but you can never be sure whether or not those rewards are going to players at the end of the day. We recommend that you thoroughly research each brand you are interested in. You can easily do this by looking up customer testimonials or reading reviews from trusted sources.

Having a good slot tournament experience heavily depends on the gambling platform you choose to be part of. Also, always read the terms of service for each tournament. This is the easiest way to determine whether or not a specific event will be worth your time and money. Some beginners tend not to do this as it takes time and is tiresome, and that’s why it’s not uncommon for them to end up dissatisfied with the experience.


Considering everything, slot tournaments and Drops & Wins are an excellent way for slot fans to enhance their experience and possibly win astounding prizes. They create a sense of community and competition amongst the players, successfully transforming the solitary slot experience into something entirely new and different. If you’ve been playing one-armed bandits for a long time and are looking for excitement, we highly recommend participating in some of the events we’ve discussed.