Cryptocurrency-Based Tournaments: Playing and Winning with Bitcoin in Canada

The introduction of cryptocurrencies to the online gambling industry in recent years has resulted in many great additions to numerous Canadian casinos. Many newer brands even choose crypto-exclusive since it benefits players and platforms. In this article, we’ll examine cryptocurrency-based tournaments in Canadian online casinos and everything you need to know about them. These competitions have become increasingly popular recently, so let’s consider why you should be interested in playing them and how to start winning with Bitcoin.

Key Features of Cryptocurrency Tournaments

First and foremost, it’s important to mention why cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have become such a massive part of the industry and why more players are switching to these modern banking options. Participating in a crypto tournament gives you various benefits compared to standard competitions.

Every punter will immediately experience enhanced security and anonymity when playing. This is one of the most significant advantages of crypto gambling, as traditional payment methods leave a significantly bigger digital footprint, which many dislike for apparent reasons.

This can be especially damaging if you simultaneously play and deposit in multiple casinos. Leaving your credit card information on numerous platforms increases the risk of your data being compromised, which can lead to terrible situations such as identity theft or worse.

Playing in cryptocurrency tournaments will dramatically lower your chances of experiencing such an unfortunate event. Even though many regulated and licensed casinos tend to have excellent security measures, sometimes that isn’t enough, and those using traditional banking options will be a much bigger target for cyber attacks.

Aside from being safer, you will experience much faster transaction times when depositing and withdrawing your funds. Compared to credit cards, prepaid cards, and e-wallets, crypto withdrawals are instant in most cases, so you won’t have to wait to enjoy your winnings.

You can also expect lower or nonexistent processing fees when withdrawing and depositing. This is an objective advantage of this payment method, and it can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you are someone who frequently makes transactions with their casino account.

While many tournaments can be experienced with traditional and modern banking options, we’ve recently seen many crypto-exclusive competitions with unique premises and exclusive rewards. These are generally more interesting and engaging than events we’ve expected, which is why so many Canadian punters have been loving them.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that plenty of casino brands also offer crypto-only bonuses and promotions. In some cases, these offer much more extensive benefits to the players, and we highly recommend you consider checking them out, as they can significantly enhance your experience.

How To Participate in Bitcoin Tournaments

Many believe investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies requires much time and effort, but that isn’t the case. While the process was complicated in the past, it has been streamlined nowadays so everyone can purchase the currencies straightforwardly.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you won’t have any issues setting everything up. First, you must open a Bitcoin wallet, which shouldn’t take you more than half an hour. Many different wallets exist, but you should stick to the most popular ones that are widely used.

After that, you will need to purchase Bitcoin, and you can do that by linking your credit or debit card to your wallet. The process is extremely simple and instantaneous, so you should have your crypto balance increased in just a few minutes. Later, you can explore the wallet’s benefits and other things you can do with it, but you should be all set regarding gambling.

Next, you must find an online casino where cryptocurrency-based tournaments are held. This won’t be an issue, as hundreds of platforms are hosting bitcoin competitions at any time. The important thing here is to find a reputable and reliable online casino that will suit all your needs and preferences, so I recommend you study and research every brand you find interesting.

You must always play in licensed and regulated gambling environments to ensure you play in a fair space with random odds, better security, and customer protection policies. Unregulated casinos may offer better promotions and bonuses, but they are unreliable, so you should avoid them.

There weren’t any previously licensed and regulated crypto-oriented gambling brands, as regulatory bodies didn’t want to get involved with them. Luckily, these days, most of these platforms have been licensed and placed under constant legal supervision, making them safe for players.

Once you’ve chosen the right casino, created your account, and verified your identity with the operator, it’s time to register for the tournament. This is usually done through the “promotions” page and takes only a few seconds. The crucial thing here is to carefully read the terms and conditions for any event you want to join.

Some tournaments don’t require you to do anything beforehand, while others have entry fees and other conditions you will want to know. Carefully study and understand the rules and format of the event, as you will have much bigger chances of winning if you’re knowledgeable about it.

If you don’t have time or can’t be bothered finding a reliable and trustworthy Canadian casino that offers Bitcoin tournaments, then we’re here to help you. These are some of the most popular gambling brands with crypto-based competitions that you will undoubtedly enjoy:


BitStarz Casino is a crypto-oriented casino that has been very popular with Canadian audiences. The platform features unparalleled gaming options, including slots, table games, live dealers, and exclusive titles. It is known for its “Slot Wars” and “Table Wars” competitions, where players can earn free spins and cash prizes regularly.


Another great choice would be mBit Casino. The brand offers players the opportunity to play through thousands of fantastic gambling products while also allowing them to participate in several software provider tournaments and events. The operator also creates numerous in-house competitions, creating diverse entertainment options for anyone wishing to join the fun.

Mond Casino

Canadian punters looking to try their luck in seasonal tournaments and engaging events should also consider giving Mond Casino a shot. Besides a great lineup of in-house and software competitions, players will have a great time playing through all the available games and enjoying solid promotions and bonuses.

Fortune Jack

FortuneJack Casino is another fan favorite that features weekly tournaments. The competitions constantly change, so even if you’re not a fan of ongoing events, they will switch before you know it. This is all complimented by a great selection of games, lucrative promotions, and rewarding VIP and loyalty programs.

Tips for Winning Bitcoin Tournaments

Now that you’ve found the casino where you’ll compete for the most prestigious rewards, it’s time to learn how to maximize your winning potential and place yourself in a favorable position. First, it’s crucial that you pick the correct competition for you, and we suggest you choose this based on your preferred game type.

Game selection is vital to having a better chance of winning. It’s only natural that you should choose to play the games you have the most experience with. While exploring new titles and trying new ways to gamble is entertaining, you will want to avoid doing that when you are competing in a tournament.

Your familiarity with specific titles will undoubtedly give you a winning edge, so always choose them. Practice makes everything perfect, and while you can never remove the luck factor in gambling, it’s much wiser to try your luck with games you’ve spent many hours in.

We also recommend that you study the competition you are up against. Depending on the online casino you are playing at, this might be easy or difficult, but any information you gather will be helpful in the long run. Study your opponent’s patterns and see how you can use their techniques.

Once you’ve devised your strategy and plan, you must consider your bankroll management. It’s pivotal that you are always gambling responsibly. Even if you are in a high position on the leaderboard, you should never disregard your budget limitations and put yourself in a bad financial spot.

Finally, stay informed and update yourself on the tournament you participate in. In most cases, there won’t be any significant changes to rulesets and structures, but staying in the loop constantly will ensure that you never miss anything important.

Even though casino brands create and advertise their tournaments, world-renowned and industry-leading software providers organize the most popular gambling competitions. In most cases, these are slot and live dealer tournaments where punters have to play some of the titles produced by the event’s software developer.

Pragmatic Play, a studio known for quality one-armed bandits, professional live dealers, and exciting game show titles, features the most extensive tournament campaign in the industry currently. Their Drops & Wins competition sees players competing for daily rewards, weekly tournament leaderboards, and an astonishing $30,000,000 total prize pool. 

Playson, another popular software provider, allows punters to participate in its Non-Stop Drop event by playing their favorite online slots. By wagering at least 20 cents, everyone is eligible for cash prizes up to $500,000, which is considerable, especially with such a low entry point.

Similarly, SmartSoft’s Spin and Win promotion allows players to compete for a massive prize pool of $5,000,000. As the name suggests, the event focuses on their online slot library, comprised of 11 stages that last around a year. Spin and Win is a perfect way to enjoy quality games while being eligible for enticing prizes, so we highly recommend you give it a shot.


In summary, cryptocurrency-based casino tournaments are a fantastic way for players to compete and earn handsome cash prizes while enjoying their favorite games.Participating in Bitcoin competitions will allow you to enjoy all the entertaining gambling activities but with an extra layer of security and anonymity, faster transaction times, and lower processing fees. They have become prevalent in Canadian online casinos, and we have no doubts that their popularity will only rise in the future.