Complete Review of LuckyStreak’s Live Blackjack

When it comes to the most popular games in the world of online gambling, live-dealer titles are certainly at the top of the list. Amongst all the fantastic products, it’s fair to say that blackjack is considered to be one of the most accessible and entertaining choices for players. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at LuckyStreak’s live blackjack and if it’s going to be worth your time and money. The competition in this market is fierce, so we are more than interested in seeing how this iteration of the legendary game compares to the rest of the contenders.

About LuckyStreak

Before we get into the details of their blackjack title, let’s take a moment to look at LuckyStreak and what they’ve managed to accomplish since its inception. The studio established itself in 2014, and since then they’ve put out numerous live-dealer casino titles for players to enjoy.

They’ve developed multiple live roulette versions and a baccarat title alongside blackjack which we’ll talk about. It’s rare to see that a relatively newer studio dedicated all of its resources to producing these types of products. In most cases, we see smaller names starting by developing online slots, as they are much easier to produce.

LuckyStreak’s titles are known for the overall high quality they can bring to the players. While the team might not be as experienced as some other industry giants, they have proven to be very successful in providing players with tons of entertainment, which is exactly what you can also expect from their live blackjack game.

It’s also worth noting that this software developer also invests a lot of their time into producing solutions for casino brands. Operators can implement live casino software, LuckyConnect, casino marketing software, Lucky Dedicated, and Lucky Land-Based features to enhance their customers’ experience.

Apart from that, they can also assist gambling platforms by offering them casino customization options, management tools, and customer support specialists. When we consider everything, it’s pretty remarkable what these guys have managed to accomplish in such a short period.

We expect only great things to come from LuckyStreak in the future, as they have proven time and time again that they are dedicated to providing players and casinos with top-tier gambling entertainment and platform solutions.

Live Blackjack Review

Now that we’ve talked about the team behind this live blackjack, let’s see what they’ve managed to do with this particular title. First and foremost, it’s important to note that this will be a standard blackjack experience. This isn’t a variation that drastically changes the rule set of the game or adds mechanics that completely overhaul how everything plays out.

LuckyStreak wanted to develop a complete and true-to-the-original experience where players are faced with Vegas-like rules featuring 8 decks and a shoe-changing policy that is conducted halfway through the shoe. Additionally, there is a burn card process that ensures fair play and true randomness.

Punters are faced with all the standard bets you’ve come to expect from blackjack titles. These include hit, stand, split, and double. Furthermore, there are several side bets dedicated to providing you with more options in how you want to approach every round, including mechanics like 21+3, bet behind, and perfect pairs.

If a dealer draws an ace, players are offered insurance that pays 2:1 and can be a good option, because the dealer won’t check for BJ in that instance. The dealer always stands at 17, and standard payouts are delivered in a 3:2 ratio. There have also been several quality-of-life changes that streamline every round.

For example, you can choose to utilize the pre-decision option where you can set your future bets to execute automatically. This means that you won’t need to manually repeat everything constantly if you’re someone who doesn’t like to change their tactics too often.

Taking everything into account, this is an incredibly competent live casino blackjack experience. Apart from dealers not checking for blackjack, there is nothing we can complain about here. If you’re looking to get into this type of gambling, then you wouldn’t be wrong to choose LuckyStreak’s offering.

Visual Presentation

While the most important things in casino products are the features and mechanics they provide, players also like spending time in pleasant surroundings when they are gambling. This is especially true for live-dealer games, so let’s see what kind of first impression this blackjack title leaves.

At first glance, we can see that everything is being played out in a beautiful studio where everything is visible. LuckyStreak puts a lot of time and effort into creating environments as intuitive as possible so that even beginner players don’t get confused or overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

All of their games, including blackjack, are streamed in high-definition quality, allowing punters to experience true immersion. The atmosphere is great, and you will feel like you’re sitting at a land-based table trying to beat the dealer. Players will be encountering some of the most professional dealers in the online gambling industry.

While dealers always maintain their professionalism, they can also communicate with everyone talking in the chat room, creating a very realistic atmosphere where players can feel like they are truly part of a community. All of this is combined with great visual effects and presentation for bet placements and other in-game occurrences.

In summary, this is everything that you want to see in a top-of-the-line live casino product. Objectively speaking, we can’t say anything bad about the overall design and atmosphere this blackjack title brings. We think that every punter out there will appreciate what this software provider has managed to offer.

Mobile Optimization

In recent years, we’ve seen an exponential increase in mobile gamers. As more and more developers optimize their games for the smartphone experience, a lot more people have tried out the gambling hobby. Not everyone has a desktop computer available to them, but you’ll find it difficult to meet someone without a smartphone.

That’s why LuckyStreak invested its resources into making its live blackjack title fully optimized for both iOS and Android devices, and they’ve done a great job in it. Everything is completely overhauled and modified to fit on a smaller screen, with no compromises being made in exchange for it.

This means that both desktop and mobile versions of the game function the same, except for the fact that they slightly look different. If you’re someone who prefers gambling on their couch or during a commute, you won’t have to worry about having a lesser experience because of it. 

Some might even argue that this specific title looks even better played on a smaller screen. While this is entirely subjective, it just goes to show that LuckyStreak has done a marvelous job of allowing all different types of players to enjoy their games at the same level of quality.

Perfect Choice for Beginners

Most newbie punters in online casinos tend to spend most of their time playing slots and other similar games because they are simple and very intuitive. There is a large number of beginner gamblers who are intimidated by the live casino space and some of the games that require prior knowledge and experience.

This certainly isn’t the case with blackjack, which is why we think that this specific product could be your perfect stepping stone into this entirely new realm of gambling. The game is rather simple, with your main objective being to beat the dealer by having a higher summed-up value of cards than him, without crossing 21, which is considered blackjack.

You are dealt two cards and can choose from several betting options depending on what you think is the best. Choosing “hit” will instigate the dealer to draw another card, while choosing “stand” will lock you in with what you currently have. In addition to that, you can also choose to double your initial wagerings or split the current same-value pair.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are also several side bets for you to utilize, but we think that you should primarily focus on the main ones if you’re only starting in blackjack. All in all, this is a perfect choice for those who are looking to try playing something in a live setting. While blackjack is primarily dependent on luck, there are also certain skills and strategies that you can incorporate to elevate your winning chances.

While games like poker tend to require players to be a lot more knowledgeable on all the rules, blackjack is a lot simpler game that is designed for having quick and explosive rounds, where excitement never stops. There is a good reason why it’s considered to be the top choice for players all across the world.


In summary, LuckyStreak’s live blackjack is certainly going to be worth your time and money. The studio managed to develop a complete experience filled with all the well-known mechanics and a breathtaking environment for everyone to enjoy. We highly recommend that you give this one a shot if you’ve been looking for a quality classic blackjack table that incorporates modern visual effects with fantastic immersion and atmosphere.