Complete Guide To Cluster Collector Symbols from Wazdan

In the online slot industry, software developers are always trying to innovate by developing new and interesting ways to experience the games. One way they can do this is by producing unique mechanics and features. In this article, we’ll be discussing Wazdan and their extremely exciting cluster collector symbol introduced in 2024. We will take a look at how this mechanic functions and why you should consider giving it a shot if you’re a fan of slot games.

A Little Bit About Wazdan

Before we get into the specifics of this new mechanic, let’s take a moment to analyze the software developer Wazdan and see what they’ve managed to accomplish in this fiercely competitive industry. With over 12 years of experience and approved operations in over 25+ regulated markets, this studio has proven to be one of the biggest contenders in the slot business.

They have managed to produce some of the most legendary titles out there that players love all around the world. Their acclaimed “Coins” series is well-known and accepted by the community as a fantastic gaming choice. Wazdan managed to incorporate and develop numerous exclusive in-game features that allowed them to differentiate themselves from the others in the industry.

Chance Level, Hold the Jackpot, Cash Infinity, Collect to Infinity, and Volatility Levels are just some of the mechanics they’ve developed over the years. It would be unfair to say that their work hasn’t inspired other names to try and do the same things, but with a lower level of quality.

The team is dedicated to putting out only the best slot products to the casinos, which is probably why they’ve been so successful. They have managed to excel in both quantity and quality, which is a rare occasion when it comes to online gambling. Now, let’s take a look at what you can expect to see with one of their newest titles.

A Quick Review of 25 Coins

As we’ve already mentioned, Wazdan has managed to put their name on the map with their “Coins” series and punters seemed to love more with each new iteration that came out. This is also probably going to be the case with 25 Coins, their new online slot that features multiple mechanics that will provide you with hours of quality entertainment.

To kick things off, from a purely visual perspective this title looks phenomenal. The colors are vibrant and colorful, with the theme relatively staying the same as in other titles. It focuses on displaying wealth with lots of gold coins and tempting rewards. Players will be drawn to the distinct art style immediately, as it creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

The same can be said for the sound design of the game. Those who appreciate a good soundtrack will adore playing this product, as the music will only elevate their gameplay experience. From a technical point of view, there is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to 25 Coins. The game is played on a 5-5 layout with a 96.17% average RTP that varies depending on the mechanic involved.

In addition to the great graphical presentation, punters will be met with a plethora of already-known Wazdan features that they’ve been able to see in some of their other titles. Cash Infinity is back yet again and it allows you to access the bonus rounds more easily alongside bigger cash rewards. The bonus “Hold the Jackpot” round is also here, and it manages to deliver with a higher number of reels and a max possible win of 2000x.

Besides those two legendary features, players can also experience the “Sticky to Infinity” mechanic where mystery and jackpot mystery symbols can stick on the reels for an additional spin, increasing the chances for a bigger win. Chance Level is also present, and is a great solution for those who are looking to maximize their winning possibilities by raising the initial stake.

All of this combined results in a very robust online slot that is filled to the brim with unique opportunities to win prizes. Be that as it may, we still haven’t talked about the final mechanic introduced in this title. Wazdan developed an entirely new feature that they’ve incorporated with 25 Coins called Cluster Collector Symbols, so let’s take a look at how it can enhance the overall experience.

The Cluster Collector Symbol

This new addition to the Wazdan in-game exclusive features provides players with additional ways of accumulating wins. If you’re worrying about this mechanic being complicated or confusing to understand, don’t worry, it’s easy to get into and designed for even the most beginner players to have fun with.

The cluster collector symbol can appear randomly during any base game spin. They remain on the spot until the “Hold the Jackpot” feature triggers, and they stay for the next 5 spins accumulating all the adjacent bonus symbols, which can result in some pretty gigantic wins if you are lucky enough.

This exciting slot mechanic complements all the other features perfectly, making this arguably one of the best titles in the “Coins” series. While the cluster collector symbol isn’t necessarily a ground-breaking revelation in the slot industry, it is still a fantastic addition to the roster. It is pretty hard to find a title that has so many mechanics incorporated at once.

Wazdan is gradually upgrading its games to be filled with entertainment. This newest mechanic only proves that they are not looking to put out new products just for the sake of it, but rather create something that the players will truly love and enjoy playing for the foreseeable future.

Why You Should Consider Playing 25 Coins

If you’re a beginner online slot player, or if you’ve never played a Wazdan title, then we believe that this would be a perfect stepping stone for you. 25 Coins is an amalgamation of every past product they’ve put out, and every true one-armed bandit fan will at least want to try it once.

As you’ve previously read, the game is full of exciting features that serve the purpose of making every spin interesting in one way or another. Even if you’re not experiencing big wins, you will still be entertained, as something will always happen and appear. “Dead spins” are a pretty rare occurrence here.

Playing this slot will also allow you to enter and explore the entire library of Wazdan games if you’ve never played them before. These guys are known for developing numerous titles besides their “Coins” series. Players will need to spend hundreds of hours going through their expansive library of games, and starting with 25 Coins is a great option.

This casino game is fresh, thrilling, and most importantly, incredibly fun for both new and veteran players alike. It is a testament to how great slots can sometimes be in a market that is filled with products that can hardly be differentiated one from another. We highly recommend that you give this one a chance, as you will most probably end up loving it as soon as you start playing.

The Importance of Developer Innovation

Finally, we’d like to talk about how important it is for software developers like Wazdan to constantly evolve and come up with new and innovative ways for us to play online slots. If you’ve been spending time in casinos recently, you’ve probably noticed how there are countless one-armed bandits out there with the same mechanics.

This type of uninspiring creativity can lead to a serious problem in the industry that has already been experienced once before. That’s exactly why software-providing studios need to produce fresh features for their players. If everyone played the same types of games over and over again, the slot fan base would slowly disappear.

The biggest appeal of this online gambling format lies in the fact that punters can explore and try out new titles regularly, which makes their experience always exciting and thrilling. This is only possible if we’re getting revolutionary mechanics implemented into our games.

Wazdan manages to deliver exactly what the general player base expects them to, which leads us to the conclusion that they certainly have a bright future in this industry. While some spend their time and resources developing copy-paste versions of other products, these guys are meticulously producing some of the best online slots we can play today.


Taking everything into consideration, Wazdan’s cluster collector symbols in their new 25 Coins title are a fantastic addition to the series which constantly keeps growing. We believe that you will have a great time with this title once you give it a chance, as it has everything you need in an online slot. It’s simple to get into but holds much more value once you start noticing and experiencing all the mechanics featured in it. This software developer has proven once more that they are at the top of their game, making them arguably one of the better studios in the business today.