A Thorough Look at ELK Studios’ X-iter™ Slot Mechanic

The online casino space features dozens on top of dozens of unique game types for players to enjoy. Amongst all the games out there, slots are by far the most popular choice for many. Because of that, we are constantly seeing software developers coming up with new mechanics and features for one-armed bandits. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at a fresh way to play online slots with ELK Studios’ revolutionary innovation X-iter™. Let’s take a look at how this developer managed to bring excitement once again to players worldwide.

About ELK Studios

Before we get into the specifics of this revolutionary mechanic, let’s see what ELK Studios has managed to accomplish over the years and why they’ve proven to be one of the rising stars in the online slot market. Established in Sweden, the team consists of hard-working and dedicated developers whose sole goal is to create entertaining gambling options.

The studio has focused entirely on producing slots, with its repertoire consisting of many titles that players love worldwide. While they haven’t managed to gain the legendary status of providers like Evolution and Pragmatic, ELK Studios’ adamant efforts are certainly recognized by brands and the general public.

Their games are famous for having engaging and entertaining mechanics which are usually accompanied by mesmerizing visuals and a top-notch sound design. The team is dedicated to providing only the best slot experience. Atmosphere, immersion, and explosiveness are just qualities we can attribute to their titles.

The software provider also started offering promotional solutions to casino brands with their “Compete” features. These tools allow operators to implement tournaments, leaderboards, and plenty of gamified elements for their customers when they are playing ELK Studios products.

Unfortunately, the studio still hasn’t dipped its toes in the live casino section, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see that venture later down the line. We believe that they are more than capable of producing other types of gambling forms, as they’ve proven time and time again that they are wholeheartedly focused on providing quality products.

How does X-iter™ Function?

Now that we’ve taken a moment to look back on what ELK Studios has done in the past, let’s focus our attention on their newest feature, X-iter™. In recent years we’ve seen an explosive increase in online slots that have “bonus buy” features. These serve the purpose of allowing players to enter the bonus rounds by providing them with an option of straight-up purchasing it.

This has become incredibly attractive to players, as they don’t have to wait and anticipate the bonus rounds anymore if they choose to invest more money. Now they could jump straight into the action and experience the biggest thrills that slots can generally offer.

ELK Studios has noticed that the general player base loves seeing these features being implemented in almost every new one-armed bandit that is released. They’ve decided to build upon this idea by developing X-iter™, and they’ve done a marvelous job. This mechanic expands the “bonus buy” by providing players with multiple choices of what they wish to purchase.

This means that instead of only being able to purchase free spins, now punters can choose from up to 5 modes. These modes range depending on which title players decide to play, giving their catalog of online slots a completely different perspective. Punters can purchase guaranteed base game features, spins with growing win multipliers, and direct entries to one or more bonus rounds.

The software developer decided to give players the ability to choose what they want to play the most in their slots. This means that from now on you can only play your most favorite parts of certain titles, without having to bore yourself with features and mechanics that do not interest you.

This is a simple thing that the studio has implemented, but it revolutionized the way people play slots. It’s fair to say that all slot fans will appreciate this added mechanic, and we do not doubt that the studio will start implementing it with every released title from the moment it was announced.

A Perfect Reason To Try ELK Studios Slots

Since X-iter™ is a feature that is exclusive to ELK Studios’ one-armed bandits, players will have to play some of their titles to experience what the mechanic can offer to them. Most slot fans have already played at least some of their products. Legendary titles like Valhall Gold, Pirots, and Gladiatoro are just some of the fantastic games the provider has developed over the years.

If by any chance you are amongst those who didn’t have the chance to play through their repertoire of games, then we highly recommend that you do so and the X-iter™ mechanic can be the perfect reason for you to do so. Even if you’re someone who prefers playing table games and other gambling titles, we think that this mechanic can completely change your perception.

There are numerous people out there who like the premise of slots but simply don’t like seeing dead spins all the time. It can certainly become very boring and stale for some, which is why we think that this feature can significantly change the entire gameplay experience.

It provides punters with the ability to tailor the titles to their gaming needs, and we think that’s amazing. We wholeheartedly suggest that you take a look at some of their X-iter™ slots. Even besides the innovative bonus mechanics, we are certain that the games will enthrall you with competent base features and beautiful visual effects.

The Best X-iter™ Games To Play

Since numerous titles possess this amazing mechanic, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick overview of the best slots that feature it. These one-armed bandits can certainly be worth exploring, as experienced players have regarded them as some of the best that the studio has ever put out:


The first game on our list is none other than Buggin. This cutesy online slot features a very interesting theme that revolves around bugs and insects. The game has a beautiful art style and features multiple exciting mechanics such as cascading wins, big symbols, a progress bar, feature wilds, drops, and normal and super free spins. In this title, the X-iter™ provides players with the ability to purchase a bonus hunt, 2 and 4 feature wilds, the bonus round, and the super bonus round.

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis

Next up is a title that completely disregarded the classic slot layout. Rogue Rats of Nitropolis doesn’t feature normal grids, rows, and reels. Instead, the game has a rate that moves around a large map collecting pay symbols. This unique one-armed bandit implemented mechanics such as the nitro multiplier, a variety of special feature symbols, and a bonus round. The X-iter™ allows players to immediately access the bonus hunt, nitro rally, road warrior, bonus, and super bonus rounds. 

Pirots 2

With an unconventional art design, Pirots 2 is a sequel to the beloved slot that sees parrots in the role of pirates. Besides a clever name and a great presentation, the game also holds a lot of interesting features such as bird features, the collection meter, feature symbols, and a bonus game. Those who wish to activate the X-iter™ mechanic can choose the bonus hunt, popcorn fiesta, maximum grid size, bonus, and super bonus options.

Cygnus 4

The fourth installment in the Cygnus series stays faithful to the theme and art directed by the previous entries also had, making this a very unique-looking and pleasant one-armed bandit. Players can experience the avalanche mechanic that removes winning symbols, alongside other additions such as multipliers, level-ups, and free spins, with X-iter™ having 5 distinct buy options: bonus hunt, multiplier pillar, multiplier wilds, bonus, and super bonus.


Last but not least, we have Frogblox which also revolves around cascading avalanche wins and a very beautiful setting. The game is also packed with features like multipliers, global multipliers, extra drops, both ways, big symbols, bombs, frogs, and free drops. On top of all of this players can also browse through the catalog of X-iter™ options like bonus hunt, big block, frogception, bonus, and super bonus. Those who prefer their slots having a monumental amount of base game activities will adore this one.


Taking everything into account, it’s safe to say that ELK Studios’ X-iter™ mechanic has completely changed the way we play online slots. We truly believe that every one-armed bandit fan should give some of the aforementioned titles a shot. The software provider is dedicated to making every single product feel different from the rest, which is probably why they’ve been so successful. It’s fantastic to see a team that is constantly looking for new and exciting ways for all of us to enjoy gambling. We expect to see more products that feature this mechanic in the future, as it does nothing but add more exciting options for punters to enhance their experience.