A Complete Overview of Quickspin’s Achievements System

Innovation in the online slot space is rather constant, with new features, mechanics, and systems being implemented each day. It’s a very exciting time for fans of one-armed bandits and there are many fresh ideas worth checking out if you consider yourself one. In this article, we will take a look at and examine Qucikspin’s achievements engine and how it manages to gamify its titles so players can have an elevated and more entertaining experience. This is everything you need to know about this revolutionary system that is taking online casinos by storm.

About Quickspin

Before we delve into the specifics of this amazing system, let’s take a look at software developer Quickspin and see what they’ve managed to accomplish over the years and why they are considered one of the top dogs in the online gambling industry. Founded in 2011, the Swedish studio started as a small but very competent team of veteran developers.

Since their establishment, they’ve managed to produce countless legendary one-armed bandits that punters play across the globe regularly. What separated them the most from their competitors was the art style, graphical fidelity, effects, and general narrative for each product they’ve put out. Every single slot from the Quickspin library has a very distinct personality, which can be hard to accomplish in such a saturated market.

It’s also worth mentioning that the studio is also heavily focused on coming up with new and innovative mechanics and systems for their games. This type of dedication and relentless pursuit of perfection put this developer on the map very quickly. In 2016, they were acquired by the industry giant Playtech.

After the acquisition, Quickspin remained as a separate studio that continues thriving to this day. They’ve managed to do so much in a relatively short amount of time in comparison to other studios, which is why we can only see good things for this team in the future.

What is Achievements Engine and How It Works

Developed by Quickspin, the achievements engine adds an extra layer of excitement and thrill to an already established and beloved library of online slots. The system is exclusive to this software provider’s roster of one-armed bandits, which means you won’t be able to experience it anywhere else.

In essence, it is an additional mechanic added to a number of their titles, and it serves the purpose of incentivizing players to try and complete challenges during their sessions and earn achievements while doing so. There are 6 different types of events that players can accomplish while playing such as hitting a certain amount of wilds, having scatters land, entering the bonus games, etc. 

These can change depending on the game you are playing, so trying out different titles allows you to have even more fun. All of the events consist of four different levels which players can climb through every time they complete the task. With each passing level, punters receive several achievement tokens.

Once you gather enough of these tokens, you can use them in any Quickspin game with the achievements engine to purchase a reward, which is in most cases a free entry to the bonus round. While the system certainly isn’t the most complex promotional tool, it’s still amazing in delivering players with an extra feature that is both very entertaining and rewarding.

The software developer wanted to provide casino brands with an opportunity to further gamify their platforms with this engine. Completing tasks and earning achievements brings a lot of weight to all the online slots, as you aren’t exclusively playing to cash out, but to also complete missions and feel a sense of accomplishment.

It can also serve as a substitute for regular loyalty programs where players are only granted a specific cashback percentage. It’s much more interesting to complete missions and have good chances of winning in bonus rounds than to simply receive a percentage of your deposited money back.

Additionally, the casino operator can choose to enhance the experience even further by offering achievements races in the engine, which can allow players to complete the tasks in a much faster way. The achievement progress can be expedited by two, three, or four times.

Keep in mind that while you can spend the tokens you’ve earned in any game that supports the engine, the achievements themselves are separate for every game and they need to be completed separately, even if the tasks have the same objectives. We suspect that Quickspin will continue to refine the engine so that every product has a unique set of missions in the future.

Taking everything into account, this robust system is certainly something that many casino operators will take a look at and implement on their platforms. It has become increasingly popular since its inception in 2017 which allowed Quickspin to integrate it in past and upcoming titles.

An Incentive To Explore New Games

While a lot of people gave a shot to a lot of Quickspin’s slots because of their achievement engine, plenty of them remained to play the games because they are very entertaining on their own.

As we have previously mentioned, this studio is famous worldwide for its quality one-armed bandits. It’s very difficult to find a slot fan who hasn’t played at least some of their legendary games. If you’ve never tried anything from their library before, we highly recommend that you do so.

We think that utilizing the achievement engine can be the perfect reason for players to try and explore new quality slot titles. As of right now, a plethora of products from Quickspin can offer you achievement hunting and tokens, and every one of them would be worth your time.

A huge part of playing one-armed bandits is the ability to try out new titles in just a couple of clicks. While some prefer to play one or two of their favorite games, plenty of people love discovering fresh ideas every time they gamble. If you’re one of the latter, then you shouldn’t look any further than some of these slots:

The Best Achievements Engine Slots

Big Bad Wolf

Arguably the most popular Quicskpin title of all time, Big Bad Wolf will without a doubt be worth your attention, especially since its integration with the achievements engine. This game transforms the well-known fairy tale of 3 little pigs into a menacingly fun one-armed bandit. It features interesting mechanics such as swooping reels, special moon symbols that grant free spins, multipliers, and a bonus game. 

Sakura Fortune

Next up we have another very popular title, Sakura Fortune, which was also the first game to feature the achievement engine. This Asian-themed slot is recognizable for its beautiful graphics and mesmerizing soundtrack. It is also filled to the brim with mechanics such as expanding symbols, sticky wilds, stacking wilds, a nudge feature, a bonus round, and additional free spins.

Sticky Bandits Wild Returned

Continuing our list we have a western-themed slot that is considered to be a cult classic by many. This is probably because of its’ very entertaining bonus round where players can encounter bandits during the free spins which trigger a sequence where a gun is shot to reveal wild symbols that can be as big as 3×3. It also goes without saying, but the game looks beautiful with a fantastic art direction.

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go

Our next entry is Wild Chase: Tokyo Go, which is an ecstatic, thrilling, and entertaining slot experience that is only further enhanced with the achievement system. The main theme of the title revolves around adrenaline-induced high-speed chases, expensive cars, and luxury items. The game features mechanics such as respins, multiplier wilds, free spins bonus rounds, and sticky wilds.

Mighty Arthur

While maybe not the most popular one-armed bandit from the Quickpsin library, we think that Mighty Arthur certainly deserves attention, especially from true slot fans. This game focuses on the legendary myth of King Arthur, and it manages to portray the setting with great immersion, which is a result of a fantastic art style and a great musical score. Mighty Arthur isn’t only pretty, as it boasts some great features like bonus and expanding symbols, substitution symbols, and free spins.

Hall of the Mountain King

Last but not least we have to mention Hall of the Mountain King, a fantasy-themed online slot that features 3-level free spins bonus rounds, progressive multipliers, and stacked symbols. The game has a very colorful and distinct look to it, and it is complemented by the stunning classically-inspired soundtrack. We wholeheartedly recommend you check this one out.


In summary, this was everything you needed to know about the revolutionary achievements engine from Quickspin. We think that it is a great promotional tool that many casinos should start implementing, as currently there isn’t a tremendous amount of them. This is more than likely because the operators of specific platforms prefer their loyalty programs. Be that as it may, we’ve seen an increase in brands integrating the achievements system lately, and we hope that trend continues in the future.